Do any of you CDC's have clients with learning difficulties????


Not dieting ATM!
Hi CDC's

I was just wondering whether any of you have ever had any clients with a learning disability. I have a gorgeous brother with Downs Syndrome who has been piling the weight on since living independently with some support.

He has just tipped the scales at 18 stone and is no more than about 5ft 5in and the family are all so worried about him.

When I started CD are didn't consider that it would be suitable for my brother but now that my husband and I have been so successful and found it relatively easy I am just wondering.

It would be very straight forward for him to follow and if his carers would support him I think he could manage it. I was thinking he could start when visiting myself so that I could suppport him during the difficult phase and show him the ropes.

He is an intelligent chap for a downs but does have the same problems with food and food choices as many of us here.

It's a long shot but I was just wondering you views and similar experiences you have if any.

Thanks for your time.
I do know of someone who has learning difficulties who did a vlcd.

I don't see it would be a problem for your brother to do cd, but would think maybe one of the higher plans would be more suitable - maybe the 790 or higher? just a thought!
Hi Dizzy

As long as he is not on any contraindicated medications, and his carers/Dr are happy then there should be no real problem (that I can see). Hopefully a more experienced CDC will be along to confirm this.

I would contact the CDC in his area and have a discussion - s/he can always refer questions to HQ :)