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Do any of you cheat?


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Be honest.... A friend is doing LT & she cheats once a week just like she did when she was doing WW.... She has still managed to lose 2 stone in 7 weeks, so can a treat once a week really be detrimental to CD, LT, LL?
She said that it doesn't make her feel ill as she's going back into ketosis, like it did in the first week. & once she's cheated she gets right back on it the next day, then looks forward to the following week.
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By 'cheating' what sort of 'cheating' does she mean?


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I've cheated by going up to ss+ only., and I still had great losses., and I think that works for me. If I want to cheat I have some chicken or tuna only.
I had a break over my birthday, which lasted for 3 weeks (hmmm!). Not a very good idea, as I found it really hard to get back into it. On day 6 of my re-start now and feeling great.


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Once a week she eats what she likes, then gets right back on it the following day. she says it helps her blowing the diet all together.
Plus if the weightloss is still happening then it's not really an issue.... Is it??

The reason I ask is because I would love to have a day off a week, so just looking for what other people thought..... I would do it if I knew it wouldn't hinder my weightloss, but I'm too scard to try.... Double edged sword a bit....


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am not sure having a weekly blow out and going in and out of ketosis is a good thing healthwise

many people think, just one wont hurt my diet but one then becomes 2, becomes 3, becomes 4 and so on


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i think you need to teach your self how to eat sensibly slowly on this diet.
By having a big blow out once a week you can not do this.
Maintaining her weight will be so hard, when doing this constantly


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what happens when your freind comes off the diet at the end of it all, will she still have a blow out then? this diet is for life, changing habits forever, if it is working for her then that's great but I wouldnt want to risk it because overall, you are wanting to change your life forever not just for a few months to lose weight, if you know what i mean?
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i can see what everyone is saying BUT if it means you carry on to lose all the weight then why not?

i think this is a tough diet and you must make it work for you...

some peeps need the motivation of eating once a week to get them through the other 6 days.

i dont see that it will affect the end result as ultimately your friend will begin eating normally and will not feel so deprived and therefore not need to have a blow out (i hope).

if you wanted to eat once a week you could stick to protein and veg and avoid all carbs, this will keep you in ketosis.

i am not telling everyone to go and 'cheat' (i hate that word btw) but do what you need to do to keep going and achieve your goals!

good luck x
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I have gone 'off plan' but only with low carb items, so have not felt hungry... I think if I had a blow out that included cake I know I would feel hungry afterwards and find the next 6 days very hard. I suppose your friend has to do what she has to do to make it through the next week. I suppose she will have to see if it slows her weightloss down in the long run and will have to work out how she is going to maintain her loss. I have read a few entries by people who have lost 5, 6 , 7 stones in weight and then put it all back on because they hadnt changed the way they thought about food, and have just gone nuts again when they could eat real food.
two weeks ago i pretty much lived on takeaways , chocolate and fizzy drinks. 3 days into cd i felt the same and thought that maybe i could have one day off a week.
Im just over 1 week into diet now, and after discussing with my cdc have decided that if i start to feel hungry or "deprived" i will have a 4th cd or a protien and veg meal. I think knowing that i am allowed tohave this bit extra IF i want / need to helps, and to be honest makes me need it less.
I think its a lot of mind over matter on this diet, if you allow yourself to believe that you are bieng deprived then you will crave food.
could you not treat yourself each week to a new top or nice skirt ? seeing how good you look each week with your loss and new clothes will make you feel a whole lot better than a binge eat and getting back into ketosis.


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I have been on CD for 48 days now and I have not cheated once.

I can't afford to cheat. I need this weight off and quickly. I cannot see the point of paying all this money out each week, only to jeopardise my chances by cheating. And if I didn't have the willpower to stop stuffing my face now, then what chance would I stand once I have lost all the weight? I'd end up back here again!!! This diet is giving me the clean break from food and the chance to evaluate what I did wrong in the first place and to make it right so it doesn't happen again. I always think about that if I am ever thinking of sinking my teeth into a chocolate bar!!! xxx
When I was on SW I would always have a takeaway after weigh in. But it just isn't as easy on CD. I had a planned break after 7 weeks on the diet as I was going on holiday and now I am struggling so much to get back on it again. Once I get back on it again, I won't be stopping till Christmas as I can't cope with this struggling! I don't think it's worth it. I see the point of SS is to take away the food temptation while you get rid of the weight and then re-introduce food sensibly. I guess it works for some people to cheat but I cant!
I have been SS for 10 days now. I know it's not as long as some but I have wanted (not needed btw) to eat something for the last couple of days now.

I have restrained because I keep thinking maybe that one cheat will put me one more wek away from my target. I may only cost me a lb or two in weight but it is an extra week on the diet and an extra £40 that could go towards some skinny jeans or a slinky top :)

That's how I have stopped myself so far.



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I agree with cambridge diet 08 to be honest..... I don't think a cheat once a week is a major thing......

There is no way in the memory of man that I could not have a treat EVER again. I like to think that once I get back to what I was I'll be able to go back to eating what I wanted at on saturdays...... I don't for one minute think that my friend won't maintain her weight if she treats herself once a week...... Although this diet is about re educating peoples eating habits.... To deprive yourself of the good things in life would make me a very unhappy person.


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I must say though bunnyg I agree with you on the fact that I think some people cannot cheat....
My friend manages very easily to put her LT hat back on the day after eating & does it to the letter until the following week.

This is why I'm so reluctant to try it, as I'm not sure if I could just get back on it!
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I honestly don't think it would be worth the risk at this stage hun, perhaps a few weeks down the line, i also personally wouldn't want to cheat so often. To date i haven't come off this diet once and i don't intend to until i can tell a major difference in my appearence. I totally agree with you about the good things in life, but in reality if you give up 2-3 months totally to CD in order to be slim for life its not such a huge sacrifice.

I would aim for 4 weeks no cheats initially and then see how you feel.



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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that going in and out of ketosis too frequently was not good for your body?Maybe a CDC could comment?
When I did LL I didn't cheat. Did CD and cheated, fell off the wagon, so am back on SS, no cheating this time for sure.
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From the sound of it I really don't think you should risk a whole day off plan. That really would be madness and too much to put right in the other 6 days. If you are wondering whether you could trust yourself to stop, then you most likely can't. It would just be making it harder for yourself and wasting the money spent on CD packs to be honest. I do have a couple of squares of chocolate occasionally -- about once a fortnight -- but only because I know that I can stop after just a taste. You're right that the odd cheat doesn't do much harm, just make sure it is short and sweet as it is a very, very slippery slope and you have to have a lot of self-discipline.

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