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do i start today or wait til after holiday?


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i was planning on getting my packs today...i have a holiday coming up on 4 april (10 days away) im in a quandry as to whether i go on lt now or wait til i come back just after easter..what would you do?

or....wait til wednesday (OH birthday tomorrow). I know he wont be happy if i go back on lt when he would want me to celebrate with him

oh god what do i do lolol

many thanks

h xx
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Oh I see now you are going for 10 days holiday, I think personally I would start after the holiday. Depends really what sort of holiday you are having.
I'm afraid my answer is the harsh one - start today! There will always be a reason to put off starting and the sooner you start, the sooner you're losing weight. That's how I felt when I started anyway.

(ok, or *maybe* have one final big blow out with hubby tomorrow lol ;))


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I would personally start after your holiday.

I agree with what elle said above me but for some starting and then restarting is hard so i would start after the holiday and go for aslong as you can without stopping :D


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i know what your saying and i agree wholeheartedly lol there IS always an excuse for not starting.

the holiday is for a week and in pembrokeshire in a self catering cottage

its not as if i dont know what im letting myself in for as you can see, i did that last year and didnt stray once and i know how damn difficult it is.....

i honestly dont know what to do....!
Self catering in Pembs gives you the options of making your shakes etc and if you go out you know you will be able to drink water wherever you go. In that sense there will be no problem for you.
Now you need to ask yourself if you want to go away for 10 days and live on the shakes while your OH will be eating out, drinking etc. Also OH birthday on Wednesday.

My personal choice would be to wait until after the holiday. I would enjoy OH birthday with him, enjoy the holiday and straight onto lipotrim the day after you return home.

Good luck on your decision.


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I agree with Kered, I'd enjoy the holiday and go for it wholeheartedly when you get back. It won't be long.


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perhaps your right :) im also not sure if theyd get me the packs knowing im going to be away so quickly after starting back...?

h xx


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Just dont tell them lol
Enjoy your OH birthday celebrations and holiday with gay abandon and a free conscience...LT will be waiting for your return and you will then be SO ready to start whole-heartedly. Just think of next years holiday.....in a bikini!!!!!
Personally, I'd wait until after the holidays and enjoy my time away but be ready to start the day I come back.


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thanks for everyones input...gonna start after OH's birthday :) (this may change lol)

h xx
Go and have a fantastic holiday then you will come back so motivated and you will give it a million % and you will do great!xx

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