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Do I switch over to CD or stay with LL??

I need your advice please!

I have done 10 weeks with LL and have lost 33lbs and my BMI is now 24, all EXCELLENT! :D

My counsellor has now left LL due to family commitments and the closest counsellor to me is 25 miles away :cry:

So, the advice... Do I switch over to Cambridge and start maintenance with them? There are 4 counsellors within 10 miles of me! Or do I stick with what I know and travel the 50 miles round trip?

Any advice anyone can give would be great, particularly from people who have switched from one program to the other.

Many thanks

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It's a personal choice, i switched from LL to CD & never looked back. To be honest i didn't feel i was getting much benefit from from the counselling therefore couldn't justify paying £66. CD is much cheaper but no counselling, it really depends on what you need from a VLCD. If you feel you need the counselling then i'd make the 50 mile round trip, if you feel you don't need it then switch to CD. As i said it's a very personal choice & you need to do whats right for you. :)

Good luck in which ever you choose....xxx
Thanks for that, I have benefited form the counselling but I don't know how much more we would get in management anyway.

I think I might contact one of the CD counsellors and the closest LL lady and get their perspective on it too.

I don't want to blow all of my good work now that I am at sooo close to my target weight!
Its a personal choice really. I struggle with the £66 a week but also feel that the group/counc element is essential for me if I am to keep it off. I was reading a report (google very low calorie diet research) that said the highest long term sucess of VLCD was the follow up and not sure if CD offer that (not dissing CD by the way!)? Also I know two people who did LL and left before management and put the weight back on....I cant compare the various diets (ie LL vs CD) as cant find any data (anyone have any?)...
At the end ofthe day only you know if the counc element & group are a factor in your sucess so far. Personally I'd stick with LL but thats me! Wish I could go to CD myself as the money is really having an impact now but on balance I think its worth it in the long term because I NEVER want to do this again!

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