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Do men really prefer curvy?

I think it really depends... however, given the choice between Kelly Brooke and Calista Flockhart, I'm pretty sure I know what my man would go for... But it's a matter of personal taste.


Fighting the bulge
I agree that each man is different.

Most men that i know like a girl that is in proportion, not fat but not skinny - however if the men fall out with this girl they will call her fat!!

Most boys that i know like a girl as skinny as possible with the biggest boobs lol.

A lot of older men prefer whichever girl has the best personality and 'a twinkle in there eye'.



Gone fishing
Do men really prefer curvy?
Some like overweight, some like skinny minnies. I think it's women who tend to prefer skinniness. Most men like big breasts and hips. Even though they might not realise it, they tend to go for this as it's linked to more essential reproductive hormones.

What is curvy?
I think Katherine Jenkins has a fab figure. Curvy...very womanly;) Bulges where they should be ;)

Whats wrong with thin?
Umm. Depends on how you define 'wrong'. Health wise I think 'thin' is probably as bad as 'overweight'. Visually/sexy..well I guess it depends on whether men like their ladies to have the figure of a pre teen pubescent boy ;)

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
A lot of guys I know say that curves are very good. I think curvy as in, not flat because guys like boobs, hips, legs, and bums so you know, comes with the package. Not curvy as in "not to call her fat". It's womanly to have curves so I think that's what men like really. A lot of my friends have said that they'd never date a thin girl after dating a curvy one. Something about curvier girls trying harder and being more passionate generally in the bedroom, and also something about bruising with thin girls and intercourse...I have no idea. I personally think skinny is boring, it's all about the right amount of curves in the right places, and a lot to do with confidence too.


Go on smile! =)
I defo prefer a lady with a real natural figure. Can't stand the 'stick'. You shouldnt be able to touch bones nevermind see them!

Curves all the way for me :D
I think most men prefer curves. However I do get annoyed when I hear the likes of JLo saying she has a curvy figure. Yeah, wish I was curvy like her!! She has no waist, some boobs, and a bum, and even that's not big! If curvy was looking like her, then yes please. I'm large, and curve in the wrong places. Yet I'm classed as curvy....you can hardly put me and JLo in the same category. Or even Marilyn Monroe for that matter. She was curvy, not fat. So does curvy mean, you are just right, or fat?
I prefer curvy, too thin isn't attractive to me :)
In the words of Gino D'Campo "no man likes to chew on bones"

I definitely think women are more critical of women than men are, if that makes sense? I even find I look at some women now, and want to go and tell them about Lighterlife and how it's changed my life, but I don't as I would like to think I am more polite than that.


Back to the grindstone!!
My OH was initially annoyed that I wanted to slim down as he loved my "curves". I just felt that there were too much of them! Saying that, I got down to my BMI being just under 22 and it was awful. I was skin and bones and he hated it as did I and I was shocked at how many of the guys I work with (I'm in the oil industry) asked me to put some weight back on and get "sexy" again as they didn't like the new me!!! not the reaction I was expecting at all, after all, the press would have us believe that slim is beautiful - right?
As it was, I did put a bit back on which I am in the process of losing again - more for my health than looks.
But, I won't be going back down to the 22ish BMI again in a hurry, no one liked it at all, I think I just got carried away.
At the end of the day, it is personal choice and I think us women are far too brainwashed into thinking we have to be super slim for anyone to look at us twice when that just isn't the case. If anything it's the opposite.
As Jonathan Ross always says, cusshin for the pusshin!!!
I think you are right 'scotwannabethin' - love your name by the way!
Women are far more critical than men -but why is that we dress to impress? I mean when I go out, I want to look good for me, but also my OH and when I was single, I had my 'pulling clothes'. I always thought my thin friends were more popular, but if men prefer curvy....?, why does everyone in the media portray thin to be better? - I just don't get it and not sure who to believe. Who is being politically correct?! I'm lossing for me and not for anyone else.

I'm not sure how anyone can define a size 10 to be curvy? To me size 10 is thin..

My sister is a size 10/12 and she is definitely not curvy - she is proportionate to her height and weight etc. Curvy she ain't. I on the other hand am size 18/20, and not sure if I'm classed as curvy or fat? Who knows?


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Don't think you can assign a size to curviness, I think it depends how you wear your weight and what not.

Dictionary says: Having a full, voluptuous figure: buxom, curvaceous, shapely, well-developed.

Not that that's really useful...


Personal Trainer
every man is different, bit like us women really.....each to there own..

me personally....i dont think it matters whether you are curvy or slim....its the way you carry yourself that matters....if you feel sexy...you look sexy :party0048:

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