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Do, or do not. There is no try.

Hello Everyone!

I'm a new to the Cambridge Weight Plan, just started last Friday! I heard about it through a friend who has had some amazing results, so I am hoping this will help me not only tackle my weight but also my bad attitudes towards food!

I'm 6 days in now and so far it's actually going really well. First few days were a lot harder than I thought mentally, but I seemed to have pushed past that now. Didn't realise how much my days centred around meals and food, so it's been a real eye opener!

No nasty side effects as of yet, apart from being a little bit tired on the third day. I'm really enjoying the shakes and porridges. Only thing I am struggling with is getting down all the water, but managing all the same.

I'm definitely already seeing a difference in my face and around my waist, so very curious to see what the scales say on Friday! Bought a new denim skirt today as my current one is very baggy. Picked up a size 14 and decided to try it on just to see how it fitted now. I figured it wouldn't quite fit but that I would slim down into it in a few weeks. It fits now! Though it's a bit snug, so it'll be nicer on in a week or two! Was very chuffed! :]

My start weight was 13st 11 and my goal is to get down to around 10 stone so I have about 53 pounds to lose. Bring it on!

Really excited for my first weigh in on Friday! :D
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Feeling Motivated
Welcome to CD!

Seems like your doing really well, you have come to a great place for support. I started out roughly the same as you & I'm on the home stretch now, last 19lbs!

Just remember to stay strong & we are all here if you need us.

Thanks Lauren!

Really encouraging to see how well you have done so far, congratulations! :]

Sarah x
Sitting up late, sipping my water and reading some of the other threads on here. So inspired, actually can't wait to get weighed on Fri. (There's something I never imagined I'd say...)
Day 7:

Woke up late today and wasn't hungry, so I waited a bit to have my breakfast (a maple and pecan porridge, Yum!) and about to have my lunch now a chicken and mushroom soup, hmm.

I have to admit I'm not as enthusiastic about the soups, they're not unpleasant, in fact some taste quite nice, but I think having them every day isn't going to work for me. Will get less of them for next week I think and more shakes!
Hiya. Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow.
My CDC let's me swap my packets so my first week I swapped all my porridges mid week. Ask your CDC if you can swap yours too.
Thanks Fee! Really looking forward to it now, will let everyone now how I get on!

Ah that's good you can swap them, I've managed to get down all the soups for this week but I think I will definitely get a lot less of them for next week. I've still got a few more flavours of milkshake to try, so looking forward to giving them a go. :]
Week one down, and -8lbs to go with it Wooooop!!! :] :]

Really chuffed and hoping that this means come the end of next week I will be under 13st which is my first mini target. I've only bought 3 soups this week and lots more shakes and porridges which I really enjoyed in the first week.

I've already had a cappuccino and mint choc shake for breakfast and lunch so to day is going well. Just got to get more water down me!
Woohoo! Well done. I'm sure you'll be under 13st by next week. :)
Good luck for getting under the 13's, you have done so well so far!
Thanks Toots!

Day 8:
Feeling so happy and positive after my weigh in today that I started thinking about setting myself little goals to help keep me motivated and give me an extra sense of achievement as I go along. These are as follows:

Mini Goals:
1. Make it through the first day - Done :]
2. Make it through the first 3 days - Done :]
3. Make it through a week - Done :]
4. Lose half a stone - Done :]
5. Get Under 13st - (looking good for next weigh in)
6. Lose a stone -
7. Last a month -
8. Get under 12st -
9. Lose 2 Stone -
10. Get down to 11st 6 (a stone above my ideal BMI) -
11. Get Under 11st -
12. Lose 3 Stone -
13. Get down to 10st -
Thanks Kelly! :]

Day 9:
Pretty quiet day today pottering about and no major issues with the diet. Interestingly I had a little moment today when I was feeling a bit blue. I recently finished a job contract and am currently job hunting and I think the stress of it finally caught up with me. What was interesting though was that in this sort of circumstance I'd usually have a nice meal or some sort of sweet treat as a means of cheering myself up. Today I didn't want those things, instead I made a nice cup of earl grey and chatted with a friend for a little while. And I feel so much better without the regret of eating something with zillions of calories in it.
Well done on resisting. I know how you feel though because sometimes this diet is so depressing. It's all about the mental challenge. Keep up the good work, you'll be rewarded on the scales.
Thanks ladies!

Day 10:
All going well so far and not much to report really. Parents have both started CD as well over the last few days, so doing my best to encourage them along. :]
Day 12 in the big CD dieters house:

All is going well, both parents have made it past the 3 days and are doing really well. So I am mega proud of them both!

My diet is going well, though I know I didn't drink nearly enough water yesterday. So my challenge for today is to try and drink extra water to make up for it! Hit a small learning curve yesterday as I got stuck in a cafe around lunchtime and hadn't had a pack since 8:30. The smells were driving me mad and I felt really lethargic. Made it home, had a vanilla milkshake and a bit of snooze and have been fine since. :]

I'm looking forward to being able to try out the bars this next coming week. I think these will be very handy to prevent situations like the above. Hopefully they taste as nice as they sound! (Peanut butter)

Sarah x
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So proud of you Sarah, as well you know! I may have inspired you, but now you're inspiring me! ;)