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Do water tablets work?

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
They won't help anymore than drinking plenty IMHO. Is there anything you're eating/drinking which could be causing your bloating? On SW a lot of people get bloating from too many carbs - I get it from drinking Diet Coke at work (as I'm sitting all day so my stomach is crunched up).
Plenty of fresh fruit & veg should help too (though some fruit skins can cause bloating too)


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Fallen Angel is right, refined foods such as white pasta and bread make me bloat up big time. Oh, and I've just seen after your first week you lost 4.5lbs, which is fantastic. Some people have noted that after a big loss often comes a smaller loss and so on and so forth. You have to also remember that it's only Thursday! There are still two more full days, so think positive!


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Thanks I know ive cut out bread from Wednesday see if that helps. I shouldnt torture myself by weighing myself ha ha xx


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They're right :) I have a limited amount of bread now. I just bloat if i have it all the time. If i have soup i have Ryvita and i have a salad rather than a sarnie!

I also found out from my friend google, that carrots and other veg are a bit hard for the stomach to digest so can also add to the bloated feeling. I know its true with me but i do loooove the carrots :giggle:


Finally a size 12!
Ohhhh i wonder what veg it is cause im sure its fruit with me ha ha ha ha my digestion is shot to pieces since I did Lipotrim for 3 months :eek:( x
Water tablets def work, if the problem is water retention. I suffer really badly, my ankes even swell like when I was preg. I took water tabs but as soon as I stop, I swell up again so have given up. Just living with it at the mo.

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