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Do we get laugh at?


Go on smile! =)

I really want to go to the gym and start exercising but to be honest im scared that i will just embarrass my self and people will laugh. I know a gym is for people to get into shape and loose weight but i always see it as perfect people working out. Please tell me im wrong! :D
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Please dont worry! put it this way, for most people, if they see a large lady working out, either in the gym or running on the roads, they wont laugh at her, but respect her for trying to make a difference to her body. at least she is making the effort to change rather than carry on as she has always done. i say go for it! and if you do start to feel embarrased remember that 99% of the people there are going to be feeling self conscious about something - either their weight, their sweat, their smell, or even the fact that they cant lift heavy weights. and think about how it will feel in 6 months time when you are getting fitter, firmer, and above all more confident about your body. good luck!!


Go on smile! =)
You're right! I'm gonna book my induction tomorrow, wish me luck :D

Here's something to keep in mind:

People who are truly working out have no time or energy to spare on judging anyone else.

Anyone who DOES have time to sneer is NOT working as hard as they should or with sufficient attention to form.

Anyone wokring as hard as they can however low that level is gets nothing but respect because they are striving at their maximum and improving.

There is nothing attractive about anyone who is working at their maximum! Anyone looking cool calm and collected might as well be out having a cofffee and freeing up the equipment. No one can do everything with ease - everyone has an "Everest" that plauges their workout... Just give it your all and reap the results.
Only action can cure fear.

Doing nothing will increase fear more and more until you talk yourself out of it by coming up with a 1000 reasons why you 'shouldn't' go to the gym.

I work between two gyms and I've been a member of 3 others. Not once have I heard any disscouraging remarks about anyone overweight trying their best to get in shape.

There is usually more a feeling of respect among other gym goers when they see that person working themselves hard to get a body they desire.

Go for it. After 1 or 2 visits you'll have settled in and will be laughing at YOURSELF for thinking people would mock you!

Good luck



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One moe question i have is the weight issue, i've been looking at the home treadmill ect from argos they say the max weight is 18.8 stones ect. And im 19.5 atm, maybe i should phone and ask them. What you think?


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Phoned them, they said weight isnt a problem so booked my induction on Friday!! Woot!

Any ideas on what i should wear?


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done for booking your induction! I used to wear a baggy t-shirt and jogging bottoms. And trust me, folk are so intent ontheir own programme they won't even register you're there!


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Thank for the postive replies :D cant wait till Friday now :)
good luck with the gym induction! id wear anything that you feel comfortable in - i usually go fo joggers and a old polo top, but if ur happier wearing shorts and a vest or even those fitted running tights then go for it, as long as you feel comfortable in them! and try to wear a decent pair of running shoes, i'd recommend ascis myself but you can get plenty of cheap ones out there for when you are just starting off! good luck again! x


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I'll stay away from the tight shorts for the moment lol. :D
well you already have been sooooo you know alreay that it was fine =D

when i first went i though ahhhh im gunna be the fattest and loook stupid but it was actually fine.. people respected me an could see i was trying hard and whos gunna laff at that?? even if they laughed so what show them whos gunna be laughing last.

it comes down to not letting anyone spoil your chance to suceed =D


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How often should i go? everyday? I was thinkin 1day then rest then 1day ect. What you think? Atm i havnt signed up for a month but im thinking of doing it. It's £30 a month to use it when ever u want, as compared to £4.90 a time :O
i reckon you should sign up because it gives you the extra push to go if your paying for it .. i pay 25 a month thats for all classes gym , swimming , tennis courts and health suites lol i get a good deal but thats coz im in wales :p..

i think you should aim for 2-4 times a week .. dont push too hard and alternate your workouts... like do diff things or diff ways round.. trust me it works ..

and nearly 5 quid a session ure talking 15 quid for three times a week so signing up would be cheaper and motivating lol. but thats my opinion only


Go on smile! =)
Ye gonna hit the gym 2moro and sign up for the month
kool =] i just got bk from my gym lol.. im tiredddd now :)
i was in the gym bout 2 hrs ago and jus lik walkin down the street there is ppl of all shapes and sizes, i was worried bout tat too so i got a gym buddy try tat. so dont worry bring your eyepod and get stuck in.

fair play and good luck
I had exactly the same issue as you mate, i was worried that i would be out of place, so to speak, but, i swallowed my pride and the misconceptions about gyms, and i love it! Someone posted previously about all different people are there, and they don't care they are there for the same reason you are. I am kicking myslef now i didn't join on sooner!

All the best.
i am the same did not want to go to the gym because of my weight but after reading this thread i am going to see about it tomorrow :D by the way how did it go?


Go on smile! =)
Great mate, and im so glad i signed up and went. People at the gym are great and have a laugh with them. I would defo go check it out, i've been going just over a week now everyday and im loving it. Gl :D

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