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Do we have to have the soups while ssing?


heheheh...........no. You can have just the shakes, or just the tetras.

The only limits you have are only 1 bar a day cause of the carb/cal content. With the bars/tetras you must drink another half pint to make up the water.

I have people that take boxes of choc shakes!! or all choccie tetras!!

I don't get on with the tomato at the moment either!!:jelous: do go on and off it though!! maybe try it again in a few weeks?

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jelly belly
i only have the shakes
cant stand the soups
as long as you are having a packet each meal time it doesn`t matter if it`s soup or shake
there was women who lost 24 stone just by drinking chocolate shakes
good luck


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have you tried the milkshakes yet?

I live on banana and strawberry milkshakes because I don't like anything else. I tried the soups and wasn't very keen and HAVE to have bread with soup so don't bother with them.

It's all trial and error :)


Ohh!!! forgot to say....might just be your body not being used to the vits and minerals.....you can taste them when you are deficient. When you've been on it for a while, you're no longer deficient and so they tend to taste better cause you can't taste the vits and minerals!!

Hope that makes sense...my brain is all over the place today!!:confused:
I'm new to CD but i have been on LT before & lost alot of weight with that.

I got just 1 veg & 1 mushroom soup, the rest shakes, a few tetras & some bars as i'm seeing my counsellors once a month.

I really liked the veg soup, will be getting some of those next time. However the mushroom was so awful i couldn't finish it. It made me feel so sick that even when my dh mentioned 'mushroom soup' the following day i instantly felt sick :rotflmao:

I'm loving the choc mint & the choc tetra's, & the banana shakes are ok too.

I'm looking forward to friday when i can have a bar :giggle:
Hiya :wavey: , i couldn't stand the soups. I had to throw them down the sink because they tasted vile and almost made me puke!

I contacted my CDC and asked if i could swap my soups for milkshakes and that was fine.

I'm on day 7 and my first week has just been trying out milkshakes to see which ones i can drink. I only like Strawberry/Chocolate and Choc mint. I did like banana but the tase of it changed into more like the soups, ergh.

Just get a range of the ones that you think you might like and see how your week goes. I found that if you added extra water to some of them they tasted much better.

Good Luck xx :)
Stick with what you like for a start and then add the odd different one now and again, as coley says (always right eh!!) your tastes do change, as for the soup, Tomato is evil!!!!


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I did not like the soups to start with and I do now.
The tomato is nice cold, but it goes too foamy when hot:eek:

There's not one I don't actually like, sad I Know.:p

Love Mini xxx


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