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Do you do a sneaky weigh in?

Afternoon all

It's my second day today, still going strong, had a bit of a headache yesterday afternoon so popped a couple of painkillers and retired to my boudoir, woke up this morning feeling great but had to sneak a little look at the scales,

My questions is how often do you guys weigh yourselves?

When I was at ww I refused to weigh myself at home so as not to feel let down when nothing had shifted, but lipo is a bit speedier isn't it? So I know I am going to be very tempted on a regular basis.....

Hope the sun is shining where you are, off to mow the lawn (complete lie lol, off to watch hubby mow the lawn!)

Sammylou x
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I weigh myself all the time! lol!

On my 2nd day I was finding it really hard. I'm doing this with a colleague, so the next day she brought a pair of scales into work so I could see how much I'd lost. It was what I needed and it gave me the motivation to get through the first few days!

I have found that my scales at home weigh me as lighter than the scales at the chemist though by about three quarters of a kg, so bear that in mind if you do weigh yourself at home!
im always weighing myself (1st thing in the morning is most accurate) but take my WI at the chemist as the official one, its just nice to have havea little peek now and then.
tomorrow is my official one i cant wait! x


soon to be minnie mouse
i get weighed every morning and it really keeps me going. if it's a loss i'm happy and if it's a slight gain i get straight down to some gentle exercises. so it's a win win situation really.

will continue to do this when i get to goal and act on any weight changes immediately

rainbow brite

I know what I'm like and I'll be jumping on the scales inbetween WIs but hopefully won't be doing it too often - it's more fun to see a loss of 2lbs rather than .5lb, right? :)
I weigh myself at home too - just can't resist some mornings. My official weigh-in is always in the evening though so I always weigh more by then. The bad thing is, my LT man is away on holiday now and so I won't have an official weigh-in for 3 weeks! :(


Must do it this time
I must confess I`m a serial weigher,I find it really keeps me going,once you don`t get too obsessed with it,as I also use my clothes as a way to monitor my progress too,


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I never weigh myself. Once a week with the pharmacist is great as I get to see significant weight losses every time!!! ;););)
Anyway, I've always been too heavy for ordinary bathroom scales!!!:(
But not for long!!! :D
I weigh myself too! Everyday! And do exactly what scousemouse does - if i've lost i'm happy, if not i get some more exercise in..

Usually weigh myself first thing in the morning. I think my scales are probably around the same as the pharmacist's coz this week i had already had a shake and 3 cups of water so a total equivalent to around a litre (that's around 1kg yah?), and i was told by my trainer that clothes normally weigh 0.6 kgs and the pharmacist's scales showed exactly 1.6 kgs difference from my home scales (lighter at home). correct me if i'm wrong with the calculations.
I weigh myself every day if i can like it's been said it keeps me going if i have lost or if it has'nt moved i just work harder at the boxing ,this is really sad but sometimes its the only thing that gets me out of bed some mornings yeh yeh i know i need to get a life ha ha !!!!
I'm like missyd, I weigh myself most mornings (although not this weekend I've just realised!) but I know my scales are different to the pharmacists, about a kg less, so I only go by my WI weight.



Says it as it is!!!
I would be very careful about weighing yourself before your offical WI....i did it at first and if you don't go down the amount you expect to ...or if you dont lose weight that morning then it can be very demotivating!
IMHO - I would get rid of the scales and stick to the offical chemist ones as home scales can be wrong anyhow xx


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My scales are cheep from tesco and they never used to go to my old weight!!! How embarrassing was that!!!!!!!!!!!!! They probably do now but they aren't great so am not going to bother until I get some new ones that say the fat and water weight.
Ya I weigh myself every morn too, it was one of the reasons I used to get up in the first 2 wks, just to see how much I had lost during the night, I also use the chemist weight as my official wi tho!
Well after reading all your replies I don't feel quite so guilty for having a little shifty! Will try not to get into the habit of doing it every day but every now and then to help keep me going, thanks guys
I was dying to jump on my scales this morning but after only one day on LT is persuaded myself not to as it probably wouldn't have shown any loss at all and I would have been terribly disheartened by it.

Be strong ladies, resist the urge to peak and you'll get a bigger surprise at the WIs :D

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