Do you like people asking if you've lost weight?

Do you like people asking if you've lost weight?

  • Yes - I love it when people notice!

    Votes: 32 60.4%
  • No - I wish everyone would shut up!

    Votes: 6 11.3%
  • Neither or it depends on who it is saying it and the context

    Votes: 15 28.3%

  • Total voters


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Hey everyone. I was just thinking, after reading the 'five things' thread - some of you mention looking forward to people commenting on the weight you've lost. Am I the only one who positively HATES people saying this?

I know many of you enjoy the positive comment of 'wow have you lost weight?' but I cringe whenever I hear it! It just makes me think about how they must think I'm so fat to want to comment in the first place - even though I know I myself am guilty of saying it to others but when I say it I genuinely do mean it as a compliment, but when others say it to me I irrational assume they are judging me...!

Know what I mean?

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Oh yes I know what you mean... I did mention how I will wait to hear people say *Oh you have lost weight* but then say... *Oh so you think I was fat then*

Yes I know I am not slim.. never have been or will be.. but geesh ...

I am a Beauty/Holistic Therapist blah blah.. how would they like me to say.. well wow have you hydrated your skin as last time it was looking so dull and lifeless.

Or... wow are you wearing a support bra as you have lost the elastin in your skin which is causing them to sag!

I get your drift!!! I am with you... but then from say my daughter.. that is different lol Cause I know she loves me and is proud of me.



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I love it when people ask "have you lost weight" but don't like the "you look so much better" bit that normally follows... grrr x


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i dont take it offensively, i DO look better. the only people who comment are people i dont see very often. one customer (whos as camp as xmas) was like 'Oh darling you look FABULOUS' and i was very flattered lol


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i like it i get the oh you have really high cheek bones haha because you couldn see them before lol oooh my mum is the best yeah yeah ria your gut isn't sticking out as much as it was lmao i don't care if i looked bad before the important thing is i'm losing now and if i look better then great


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i love telling people how much i weigh! cos they never believe me and if they do look down their nose at my weight then i tell emhow much i have lost lol
then they are gobsmacked!

i don't have a problem with tellin anyone i am proud of myself and so is my hubby and those that matter!

all the rest can bugger off lol


I do feel good, it gives me a boost! I do cringe occasionally as it feels like they are acknowledging that I am fat! Even though I know I am, but I can go along pretending people don't see me like that until they acknowledge it! But it is nice to know the hard work I am putting in is being paid off.

So I guess, sometimes I like it, sometimes not so much!

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I am in the hate quarter, i hate people commenting on if i have lost weight, but mainly because of the how much better I look comments that usually come afterwards ..also whats it got to do with them tbh the only person it actually matters to is me.. oh and maybe my Mum and Mr G since they are important
Maybe its because i lost it so fast it became the sole topic of conversation amongst colleagues for weeks and I hate being the centre of attention i feel like wearing a Tshirt that says yeah ..(however much i have lost) thanks i know im looking good that way I can stop having to say it every ten seconds


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well i have now lost 1stone 13lbs and noone seems to have noticed. i feel much better and think i look better but.......
i have 12lbs to goal - maybe someone will notice then!!


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Im in the depends who's saying it quarter. Some people can say it quite a mean way. you can almost sense that in their head they are finishing it off with "coz you needed to"


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I love really spurs me on too!


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I've hardly had anyone notice, and I've lost just off 3 stone! lol

That said, I have been getting ALOT of quizzical comments like ' looking nice' or 'I love what you're doing with your hair these days', that kind of thing. Which I find hilarious, coz my hair has been the same for almost 2 years! I just smile and say 'thank you'...


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Hehe I'm glad I'm not the only one in the hate camp. I know most people do it as a compliment but it just makes me cringe. I guess I want everyone to wait until I'm at goal and then suddenly react as if it's all fallen off in the space of 10 seconds as if by magic.... It just makes me feel awkward as I don't want to say 'oh yeah I'm on a diet' as I hate the implications that come with that - i.e the people watching what you are eating, the corner of the eye looks if you've put on for a couple of weeks and of course the 'oh how's your diet going?' question when you've given up. I don't think I look that different yet and as a lot of my excess weight was baby weight I think people assume you'll lose weight anyway after having a baby.

I'm just about in the point now where I'm starting to lose non-baby fat.

hey omg. i love it when people say ive lost weight. friends and family dont see it. i dont see it. but when relatives and people see me after so many weeks or months and say that i love it! but then it comes. the horrible bit. i put on weight. i dont realise but i do. all the time they visit i wait for a compliment, just it makes my day.
when i dont recieve it then i no ive become fatter. for example my friends mom saw me bout under a year ago and said ive gone skinny a bit. i saw her on halloween and she didnt say anything. i knew i put on weight. i felt a bit better coz parrently my friend has put on weight too. not in a bad way but my mum was constantly saying shes lost weight and i havent so why dont i try. but i cudnt help it i was laughing. but to me she'll always be skinnier than me. wether it is a stone or 2.