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Do you lose more weight if you exercise?

I don't know about weightloss but muscle increases so you may see an increase on the scales but fat content will be down. I love my exercises, and my doctor concluded I have 62% muscle which he was ecstatic about.


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It would be too early in the diet for me to do that. I went out dancing in my third week and I was like a zombie for two days afterwards - soooo tired. I've decided to leave any form of strenuous exercise until I'm down to my target weight, and then go back to the gym. (I went last year when I was really tubby, and it made no difference at all - all I did was pound around and get puffed out. At least when the fat has gone, I'll feel more like going and might even see a difference!)

But everyone's different - what doesn't work for one might work for another! :)


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I go to the gym and have done since week 2 but only do light weights rather than cardio. I can see a difference in my body starting to tone but it could also be why my losses haven't been that great.

I'm sticking with it though as I want to be in the habit of exercising when I get to maintenance and beyond!


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I tend to do a workout video at home - to self consious to go to the gym - all my bits still wobble to much lol

you have to see what works for you - take it easy though xxx


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I have found exercise hasn't made that much difference to me, last week I did the most exercise in all the weeks and lost the least amount of weight... I am still doing exercise, but its not strenuous I just try and walk alot even if it doesnt show on the scales it makes me feel so much better..
I was wondering the same question, I'm on week 3 and i just don't have the energy to go to the gym (Ido have a 16 month old little boy to run around after though!) so i can't be knacked all day as it's not fair on him! I did the Davina Mccall Power of 3 workout dvd the other day and i had to go to bed afterward-i was pooped! lucky my OH was here! I did a bit of reasearch and saw that a mini trampoline (rebounder) was wicked CV excersise, So i've just bought one in Argos for £15.00 to try it out, if i like it, ill buy a more expensive one. Apparently, NASA has even said that rebounder excersise is the best known to man!!no joke- look it up!!LOL! I'll let u know how i get on with it!!! xxxxxx