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Do you lose weight when its totm?

Yes, this is completely normal! It's so normal in fact that if you said you didn't have a weight gain/plateau then I'd say your scales need checked!

Usually I put on about 3-4lb, but I promise you i'll come off literally overnight once it's all over :)


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you can put on up to 9lb but yes, it just vanishes.
Last month I had totm in between weigh ins and showed a 4lb loss, this month I'm just finished and had a 2lb loss midweek/mid totm.


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the fact is, during the course of the cycle, a womans womb is filling up with the protective stuff to house a baby...

A lot of that fluid accumulates during the latter part of the cycle (and this is why you see an increase just before your period) and when your period hits it all leaves the body, so therefore the weight will go.

Some women are different and don't follow this rule of course, just depends on how heavy your period is... and not forgetting the extreme craving for chocolate and other junk during your period won't help ;) xx

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