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Do You Miss BUTTER????

Did I get your attention???? lol

Ok one of the biggies for me was havin to give up butter esp' in cooking. What I wouldn't have done for a butter soaked baked potato does not bear thinkin about...;)

Now here's the thing:::::

Butter Buds....these little darlings are produced by Americas Dairyland and come in packs of 40 each little sachet contains 2g of powdered butter with all the badness removed...

Ok there is a price to pay...each little 2g sachet is half a syn.

I used 2 in a baked potato and believe me it was worth the single syn....

In the UK the only place i seem to have been able to find them is Lakekand but as we have one in Glasgow no real biggie to travel to.....

No more butter withdrawl....lolol
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I ♥ Slimming World :)
Never heard of those, but if something like butter is a real weakness and treat for you it must be great to be able to find a substitute that you can easily fit into the SW plan without it costing too many syns.

I also used to love jackets with lots of butter, but I stopped having any on them and just picked a topping that was 'wet' so I could mix it in nice!!

Mind you, since then I have stopped having jackets entirely as they no longer seem to agree with me haha.

I keep hearing references to Lakeland but we don't have one anywhere near us that I know of. Shame, cos I reckon I could spend a few quid there lolol :)
We have a brand new Lakeland in Reading which is good news and bad news. Good, because it is a brilliant shop and I love it, bad for the same reasons - can't walk past without popping and buying something!

But if you don't have one near you they have an excellent website.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I've had these from Lakeland. They are useful to pop in your bag if you're going out.
Omg all my christmas's have come at once if thats the case!!
I'm a marg girls but i love JKT spuds with lots of marg but can't now!!

These sound like the perfect solution :)
I just LOVE Lakeland! I get soooooo carried away - just my favourite shop. I have bought so much stuff from there. My OH just goes "Eh? Wtf do you need that for?" I just smile smugly....


Lover of Extra Easy
I don't miss butter or marg.
I gave it up when I first joined SW in 2002 and have never had it since, even when I went right off course.
When I first did SW we were given the butter buds in class, and I didn't enjoy them but each to their own, of course.


Slow but sure....
This is the info from Lakeland for Butter Buds.....


Low calorie powdered butter substitute. All the flavour of butter without the fat.
Produced from real butter, Butter Buds undergo a special process that removes the fat and water leaving behind just the original buttery taste.
When sprinkled over hot potatoes, vegetables, pasta or rice, they'll butter you up... but, containing only 5 calories per sachet, not your waistline!
One sachet contains the same flavour as 2 teaspoons of butter (approx. 70 calories!).

  • vegetarian
Ref 6744

Pack of 40.


I love Lakeland and always buy online from their website, I get my EasiYo yoghurt mixe's from there.


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Laddiesboy, the nearest Lakeland to you is in Canterbury. Others in Kent include Bluewater and Tunbridge Wells.
Ooooh thanks, that is only down the road.
And I am off work tomorrow.

It's as if God had wanted it :)

I didn't think I missed butter till we were on hols last week in Portugal and I went shopping and bought butter and bread for brekki and omg my toast with scraping of butter was so lush, needless to say I did not syn it as I was on hols and out there to have fun.


Finding inspiration
Never heard of Lakeland... is it the same as those catalogues you get through your door for Lakeland Plastics? With all the household stuff in it? Is there one in Bristol?


Strutting her stuff
Yes they used to be called Lakeland Plastic. if you check their website you'll find details of your nearest store. I'm sure there will be one near you as they are all over the place.


That mars bar aint love..
I am the same as malaika! i do not miss butter i gave it up when i joined weight watchers in 2003. I have had it since lol but not out of choice! i actually really dont enjoy the taste anymore! Even at the sandwich shop (which i NEVER go to :S ) i never have butter....weird. Maybe i can do that will all food and be a skinny mini pahaha! DONT THINK SO!!! xx


That mars bar aint love..
actually saying that i did have tiger bread with butter a couple months ago...that was amazing...


Nojo on the YoYo
if a butter bud is 5 cals, wouldn't that make your 1 syn's worth count as 4 buds?

oh PS how much are they? I might give them a punt. We gots a new Lakeland in Liverpool One!
I dont eat butter...hated it when I was little as Mum's philosophy was "if you couldnt see your teeth marks in it, it isnt worth spreading!"
I will quite happily eat a jacket spud with baked beans without butter, even plain jackets are fine,.....or I use 1tbsp Hellmans extra light mayo at 0.5 syns.

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