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Do you slim too seriously?

S: 12st12lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 2st2lb(16.67%)
I've been reading some of the food diaries and I can't believe how much pressure people seem to be putting on themselves!

I've read of someone being 'devastated' because they went 2 whole syns over their allowance one day or *shock horror* ate a chip off the kids plate.

I'm just wondering how seriously people take their SW ways.

I plan my evening meals, more because I have to feed 3 so they need to be 'normal' (like a bolognese) and I plan what to take to work. But for 4 days a week I just see how I go.

I'm not against planning every single thing that passes your lips but do you think it can go too far sometimes?

I've been put off reading the diaries now cos there were some people I just wanted to yell at ("Pull yourself together! It was one chip dammit!!").

I know the point of SW is to lose weight and become healthier doing it, but it's supposed to also be about enjoying your food too and changing the way you view food. The whole point of free foods is so you don't feel deprived and the point of having 15 syns a day is to have a treat.

I don't really know what I'm trying to say or ask here. Just wondering whether people are always planning every meal or if anyone is a bit more laid back with regards to their food.

Oh, I made up the chip thing. I didn't read that in someone's diary, but if someone has posted about their chip devastation - I wasn't specifically picking on you, it was just unlucky coincidence. :rolleyes:
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Some people work better under pressure! I am sometimes not hard enough on myself so good on the people who can admit to going over syns or eating off someone else's plate. As for the planning thing, I think it's a control thing. If I don't have a menu plan for the week then I'd be ordering take aways and eating random junkfoods, so having the plan there makes me feel more in control. Being laid back is what got me to 21 stone!


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i sway, depending on what's going on. sometimes i take it very seriously and plan things and work very hard. sometimes i'm more laid back, have a rough idea of what's going on and just stick to foods i know i can eat and chill out about it. but i don't personally see anything wrong with structure and routine and discipline, i work better like that!


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I can't plan my weeks meal as & I find it a little boring for me personally, plus I may not fancy something when I'd planned to have it.

I think its good to be balanced, it you end up going over your syns one day view it as flexy or have a few less the next. I'm very focused so I try not to go over but if I do I do. I guess if you go over a lot & notice you're not losing well maybe have a look at where you should reduce. I suppose we're advised to have a max of 15 syns per day for a reason & fortunately there are lots of yummy things to enjoy for 15 & under :)
S: 12st12lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 2st2lb(16.67%)
Thanks for your replies. Food for thought I guess (sorry, didn't mean to pun!).

I know some pressure is good otherwise we'd all be microwaving our dinners or eating whatever was in the fridge without thought.

I guess I just don't understand the people who get upset about a minor blip. Like going 1 or 2 syns over in a day. I don't think it's healthy to be that controlled about it, not to where you feel upset.

I don't know. I just worried for the person who cried cos they had slipped up with a treat. I guess what is not a big deal to me is obviously something major for someone else. Different views...

I think we're the ones who control the food. Not letting food control us! I used to eat something then spend my time thinking about what I was going to eat next! It's a horrible way to live, one meal to another and thinking about food all the time!

Mrs V

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I think in my circumstance I do take things to the extreme. I stick to plan 100%, Im afraid to sway as thats why at 21 and a half stone I had a gastric band fitted!
I do get upset and/or disappointed at the scales, as I know that I have behaved and they dont reflect that...where as my Boss can have a really "naughty" weekend of booze and loose up to 2lbs! I just dont understand it! Lol


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I take it seriously but I don't plan at all. I think planning everything is over rated TBH, it takes any spontaneity out of your meals and I find it too much like a diet then.
I know that I have all SW foods but I choose from meal to meal what I want to eat. That way, if something unexpected crops up I don't feel like I've gone off plan because I haven't got a plan LOL

maxine uk

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S: 17st13lb
i too take it seriously 100% on the plan, its the only way i can be, im in control of my food and body (well to an extent on the body side of it)
when i look at my stats im very proud of where i am at the moment, i even added a couple of photos to the gallery,
still 2 stones 2.5lb to go to my personal target but i will get there one day
opps rant over sorry :eek::)
S: 12st12lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 2st2lb(16.67%)
Feel free to rant if that's what you wish to do! :)

I know sticking to it 100% s the way it will 100% work. I also know that we're all human and it's only natural to slip up now and then or to give in to temptation. I think it's how people deal with the slips.

How do you deal with it? Do you feel absolutely gutted cos you've been 100% on track all week or do you enjoy the treat then carry on with the plan?

I find that if I slip I write off the whole day which isn't good. I know I should just draw a line under that one treat or meal (as it is just one slip) and get back on track. But I seem to carry on the bad route and think I'll try again tomorrow. That's a mindset I need to get out of!


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I think i have to take it too seriously as otherwise i wouldnt take it seriously at all!!

I dont plan my meals but i do stick to it 100% and i am one of those who really frets about going 1-2 syns over.

My reasons for this are that i know i lose 1lb a week on average, any small slip up tends to stop this from happening and i STS.

Also because i drink at the weekend i like to have control of the fact that i will have syns spare to do so. Over synning during the week cuts down on drinks at the weekend!!

Also it's because i worry about secret syns lol i know this is silly but i like to have a little left over for just incase i have accidently synned and not realised it.

I write my diary on here day by day as i go, i tend to decide in the afternoon what i will be having for dinner that day and just make sure i have superfree veg in the house to make it with.


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I also take SW very seriously most of the time and I'm sure people must think I'm mad taking my own packed lunch when there is a free buffet lunch laid on. I don't plan all my meals but I always make sure I use free foods only or ones very low in syns. I also mostly snack on free foods.

However, I save syns so that I can have a good drink at the weekend and I do relax during holidays. This means I generally gain during holidays and special occasions but as I'm so strict the rest of the time I lose weight overall. As my losses are generally slow I have to be very strict or I wouldn't ever be able to relax a bit.

Despite having to be strict most of the time, I really enjoy SW because within the rules there is still an enormous variety of meals that I can have and I never need to go hungry. I've also been doing it for long enough to know that any gains soon go away again and so I don't fret so much about them. I have faith in SW and know that it works.


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i agree about the hidden syns, i always allocate 5 syns a day for hidden syns.


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I had this conversation with my sister the other day. She said to me since you started this diet all you talk about is food! what you ate, what your going to eat and what else you have found that could be nice to eat.. just always food!...
This got to me quite a lot, my sister has never been on a diet and she is probably about 18 stone, she is happy the way she is and doesn't want to be on a diet.

I have found that to be in control of this diet I need to think about what I am eating, going to eat and want to eat. If I don't I am more than likely to stick something in my mouth that I shouldn't!..like a mouthful of chocolate this morning (which is probably about 10 syns) but now I know because I have eaten the chocolate I won't have any other syns.

As long as I know in my head then I am fine, it is dependant on remembering and knowing what I should be eating and things to avoid. So yes, it is a control thing...but the way in which you manage the control is what matters? x x x


S: 18st7lb C: 12st11.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 5st9.5lb(30.69%)
I plan my meals for the week, but its more to do with the weekly shop than syns-i find it a lot cheaper when i do this and dont have to run in during the week for 1 or 2 things which always turns into more!

However sometimes I dont fancy what I have planned and have something different-not the end of the world!


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I think a lot of it is down to personality!! I'm a bit of a control freak, and also an all or nothing person!! I struggle to maintain a healthy balance of all the elements in my life, hence probably why I've become overweight- moderation has always been a struggle!!! I'm like it with other things in my life, for example reading! I love reading books, but I'm either at it full pelt, reading book after book and staying up til the early hours or going for months without reading a thing!! So I do take the SW plan very seriously, partly because of my personality type, and also because I'm so terribly determined to succeed and get to target that I worry that if I start to relax too much, then I'll lose a grip on myself and start having too much of the things I fancy, which will then sway me in the wrong direction!! We were talking about this very subject in class last night!! It got very psychological and deep actually!! I wish I wasn't the way I am and could relax more and take it in my stride- My C is convinced that stress makes you weigh more!! The problem I think with slimming clubs is that there is sooo much emphasis on what the scales say, and I do get obsessed with the numbers game!! I've had weeks where I've stuck to the plan 100% and haven't seen the results and this plays havoc with my mind and makes me even more vigilant because I'm afraid of a repeat performance the following week! I do worry about myself because of this unhealthy relationship I have with food (even when I'm 'in control' I'm stressing about it, which is an unhealthy attitude in itself)! My saving grace is that I am LOVING all the food I'm eating, I never let myself go hungry and I'm positive I'm going to get to target and this time keep the weight off! Will I relax then? Probably not! Although part of this process for me is learning the skills to make me a bit more balanced about it all! I think you learn a lot about yourself when taking on a challenge and lifestyle change like this!!X


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I was really hard on myself when I first started SW, but I'm a bit more relaxed now I'm used to the plan. If I'm a couple of syns over, I cut back the following day to balance it out, or move to weekly syns. If I have a major blip, I simply forget and get back on track, and try not to worry when it shows a gain.

Saying that though, I still like to be in control, it was the lack of control in eating/drinking which led me to become overweight!
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i plan absoloutly everything, and although i will be a bit miffed occasionally if iv over synned, im usually miffed because it wanst somthing i actually wanted, rather than the fact i had extra syns etc.. i think my OH thinks im far to serious about it somtimes and admittedly i can be! but just as equally i can be so lax with it thats when i start getting problems and the weight begins to creep back in along with bad habits so i suppose i prefer to be a bit obbsessive with it to keep me on the straight and narrow, i think thats what works best for me :) we could all do with sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the journey every now and then.. before you know it, youl be skinny and you wont remember how you got there, or what you enjoyed most about it the whole way through, or the little things that make it special.. the first time you get into those jeans again.. etc xxx


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I too am a control freak, I plan plan plan but have to say that if I do veer off plan I don't beat myself up too much. I try to dust myself off and start again from the next meal.
It's a fine balance but I have to be fairly strict with myself, also being organised with my food plan helps me not to think about food too much.....doesn't make much sense lol....what I mean is I will spend about 1 hour a week planning the next 5-7 days and then thats it, I can just look at the plan and its all there.
The one thing I do find with SW is that even if I have planned my meals if I want to change the whole day / individual meal it's so easy to do so.
I think being 100% on plan is not just about control and motivation its about what going on in our life in general.....I've had a hard few weeks with illness, accidents and holidays but I have to do the very best I can in whatever circumstances I'm in.


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