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  1. luckymarge

    luckymarge Member

    Well I think I am strange possibly not stupid but I haven't told anyone I am doing this diet apart from family and one or two very close friends who are wholly supportive.

    Now I don't know why. It's just that I feel it's private and also I suppose if I am honest, I don't want to hear about all the negatives around VCLD's.

    Am I alone in behaving like this? I am quite a private person anyway which is why this forum is of invaluable help since nobody knows who I am or what I look like. Although of course I am:

    Starting: 13 7lbs
    Now: 12 0

    (according to my scales anyway)

    51 years of age going on 21
    A mother of three
    A wife of 27 years
    A part time Personal Assistant
    A part time curtain maker
    A fun person to be with (according to friends)

    Now I am believing all the above to give me the confidence to lose weight.

    No-one else is going to say these things to me (apart from OH who is wonderful and still finds me sexy) so I am going to have to say them to myself.

    Yes I am strange and mad!!!!! BUT I'M GORGEOUS!

    luckymarge cos she's gorgeous xx

    What do you think?
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  3. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    I think you are doing great and mad like the rest of us ;-)

  4. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    I think positive thoughts lead to positive results - you are so right to believe that love OH of yours; we are all to ready to be negative about ourselves and it is so destructive. I am trying to be more upbeat about myself. Ok, I am bigger than I'd like to be but I've an awful lot to be thankful for. You have a great attitude and you will suceed. Well done. Love
  5. kati

    kati Gold Member

    Cambridge diet
    I'm not planning on telling anyone eiher unless I absolutely have to. I know for a fact I'll just get all the negative comments too so it's not worth it.

    I don't think you're mad at all you just need to keep yourself positive about it and the best way to do that is to avoid any negativity from others. Good luck with it
  6. luckymarge

    luckymarge Member

    Thanx Icemoose & Barb,

    I have to say Mike it is because of your blogg that I am still doing this diet after 4 weeks. When I was struggling on Day 2 I spent all day and night looking at your posts awhich was keeping me out of temptation. It really did inspire me to keep on track and your constant reminders about guzzling the H2O is truly wonderful.

    I just cannot understand why my CD says that 4 pints a day is more than enough??? Ah well, I shall listen to your advice instead since you obviously are passionate about peeps losing weight and are magnamonous enough to share this advice with us. There are lots of peeps out there who keep this kind of stuff to themselves so once again, thanks for your truly inspiring help.

    luckymarge who will soon have to start taking ugly tablets because she is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
  7. Ajax

    Ajax Finally...Life begins

    Goal Weight:
    I just wanna say, I totally understand how you feel, only a few know about my attempt at this.

    By the way.. You are Beautiful!!
  8. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hi Marge - with you 110% on that one !! only my OH & 2 kids know I'm doing you I didn't feel I could face all the negative comments....especially from know-it-alls at work who are just sooooo healthy (or so they think)

    I haven't even told my parents cos I know they would worry about the safety of it and, as they're both in their 60s, I think they can do without the stress :)

    So far it hasn't been a problem not telling peeps - cos they haven't even noticed yet that I'm loosing weight :rolleyes:

    dunno wot I'll tell then when they do start to notice...and start asking me how I've done it - cross that bridge when I come to it !!

    Good luck on your CD journey - going great so far :D
  9. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi luckymarge,

    I did not tell anyone else besides my husband and family and a close friend until I was well into the diet for the obvious reasons as no matter what diet I seemed to do in the past someone always thought there must be a healthier one:rolleyes:

    Typical one was just don't eat sweets and do more exercise and you'll be grand...:(

    You have a lovely supportive husband and that helps, big time!

    Love Mini xxx
  10. demon

    demon Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Well if you're mad I must be completely bonkers 'cos I think I'm gorgeous too [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] and luckily Mr.D agrees [​IMG]

    As for telling other peeps about the diet - I kept it completely to family and a very few close friends for quite a while, like you didn't need to be dealing with negative comments. Most of us with a weight problem feel vulnerable enough when we start a new plan without any added pressure.

    Only 'came out' a month or so ago, but hey feel sooo GREAT that I don't care what anyone says and feel I'm living proof, as if it was ever needed [​IMG] that VLCD's not only work, but keep you healthy too [​IMG]
  11. Soraya

    Soraya Silver Member

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    No more mad than the rest of us! I didn't tell anyone except my DH and one friend. Otherwise everyone esp parents would have gone on and on about how they weren't safe and you put the weight on again quickly (not true I spent a long time reading papers about VLCD and regained weight before I started).

    Your success is about doing what works for you and putting yourself first. I've been selfish about not joining in certain celebrations foodwise in order to do this. What I've liked about this is that I have to make other things fit in with me and not the other way around and that's taught me to take care of myself first for a change - otherwise I may not be around to look after anyone else!

    Hope that made sense! Good Luck
  12. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I only told hubby until I lost enough for people to question, then I picked who I told. When people asked I often said "oh...easy...just given up eating". They laughed but rarely asked for details :D

    They told me later they thought I was joking :D

    My eldest child didn't notice I wasn't eating until I was 3 months into the diet. That's boys for ya:eek:
  13. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    Demon, just noticed, 1lb to go - WOW, well done, you are cooking with gas! So happy for you, Love
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