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Do you think its possible??

I think you might struggle to lose 6 stone, but I think you could easily lose 3 or 4. That's still A LOT tho and by the time you get there you'll be feeling and looking great! :D


id aim for the 3-4 myself......its amazing how different you will look with that much weight gone :D
I'd aim for a steady 2lb a week loss as Stephen says, that's doable if you stay strict and on plan PJ.
I weighed more than you at the start and was losing 12lbs a month on average on dukan, but after a holiday and christmas that rate went out the window(and thats okay with me).

Life crops up when we're dieting and it can be hard to stay fully focused for that length of time.

However, you'll feel better with a stone lost, and with 2 or 3 or 4 lost, and if you give it a good go you'll be feeling and looking pretty great by septemeber, whether you lose 1 pound a week or 3.
2lb per week? I could do that on a low calorie diet where I can still eat fruit yogs and cereal :(
yes you could. Atkins or any low carb diet ISNT a quick fix. you will have around the same weight loss. If you are looking for a huge loss in a short space of time you are probably looking at VLCD/TFR.
Low carb living doesn't suit everyone, but if you are serious about losing weight, you are in this for the long haul. You can't lose 6 stone in a short amount of time without making some big changes in your lifestyle and eating habits - there's no magic cure.

I've done low calorie diets, and have failed miserably at them long term because I'm always hungry. Yes, I could have Mueller Lights and cereal, but not a lot of them. Trading that in for LC means I'm never hungry, and that means so much in my day to day life, and keeping with the program longer term.

I've lost 4 stone since May and feel pretty great about it, even though there's things I know I can't have anymore. But when I look at the calendar and see how long I've been able to keep it up, I'm thrilled! It hasn't seemed like a long, horrible slog - I've been able to live at the same time as losing weight.

Yes, sometimes it's discouraging when you have a week when you only lose 1 or 2 pounds, but other weeks have bigger losses and that makes it worth it!

Give it an honest try, and if it doesn't suit you, try something else. But just try something - if you aren't happy with your body now, change it.


Clean green leafy machine
Yes, exactly what Sera says, excellent advice

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