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Do you think I've done any damage


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:( I did a nightduty last night and had an important meeting at 11am, which meant I only slept for a couple of hours.

I had my lunchtime pack at 12.45, but have felt very light headed and dizzy all afternoon, I think my blood sugar had dropped, now I've eaten 2ozs lean cooked chicken and I have to say I feel absolutely normal now, I toyed with the idea of having another pack, but felt there were less calories in the small piece of chicken,do you think I've knocked myself out of ketosis.

I dont feel any guilt as I feel I needed something slightly substantial.

sun x
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You shouldn't have done, I wouldn't worry too much. Just stay on track for the rest of the day :)


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you shouldnt have done any harm, when i was away over easter, i had a few meals of chicken and salad and lost 5lbs that week, its only like what you have on an add a meal week, i think you did the right thing especially if it made you feel better.

good luck


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thanks for that, I feel better having some confirmation,



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you wont have done any damage.. as its protein you have had.. For example, look at what you would have on an AAMW..
I get dizzy sometimes when doing cd, but its cos i havnt drank enough water. So try to keep up your intake of water..!! glad you're feeling better..

x x x
I felt the same as you today, very dizzy and lightheaded, at one point I thought I would faint. I've been having my packs and drinking loads of water, so I've no idea why I felt like this. I've been on SS for 2 weeks and haven't had any problems so far. Luckily it was my WI tonight, and my CDC suggested I have a meal, and not to feel guilty about it. I had a tuna salad, which won't take me out of ketosis and shouldn't affect my weight loss. I was a bit disappointed as I didn't want to eat anything so early into the CD but I'm not going to put up with feeling ill, so I'll definitely be adding a meal when I need it.

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