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Do you think....

That it will be possible to lose 18 pounds in just over 3 weeks at 100%? This first four days so far I have dropped 10 pounds :eek: You guys are a massive motivation, last time I tried this I was cheating all the time but so far haven't even been tempted!! :) xxx
Its entirely possible, it all depends on how your body reacts in week 2. Some people get a slump in their loss and lose 1-2lb and some people get equally as high losses as their first week! Good luck and you're doing well so far! :)
FF :eek:
it depends on how much you have to lose in the first place - most people with larger losses have a higher starting weight than you.

Stick to the plan 100% and you'll optimise your chances of hitting your goal in 3 weeks' time :)

Good luck
Also, are you a girl or a guy, as guys tend to get faster losses than the ladies. When I first started my bmi was 45, but it only took me 2 weeks to lose 18lbs - but this does seem to be different for everyone - and I had a lot to lose!
But as you've lost 10lbs already, it doesn't sound unrealistic.
I am a girl, I remember when I did cambridge diet a few years ago I had about a stone more to lose than I do now but the weight came off quickly but I was always cheating after the first week. I went into ketosis on day 2 and haven't cheated this time and drank looooooads of water so I'm hoping for the best! Not that there's a massive rush it would just be nice to get as much off before christmas as possible to keep me motivated to carry on afterwards. Thanks for your replies xxx
Hiya, I'm finding it fine so far how about you? How long have you been doing it for? Im only on day 4 (5 tomorrow) so maybe its too early to say yet though lol.
I did cambridge diet a few years ago but living abroad at the moment so exante is a lot easier for me as I don't have to go and see a counsellor. Great loss in your first week!! xxx
Aw thank you :)

I am on Day 7 now :) I am finding it ok. My WI is on a Wednesday but i didnt start the diet until Saturday so i had my WI after only 5days of being on the diet and lost 11lb i was over the moon! OoOo where you living abroad? :) xxx

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