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Do your partners support you?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I have just started CD on SS and I have found that my husband is quite supportive but there is something about him slyly that is not wanting me to do it if that makes sense...

My friends seem to think he is insecure that if I get my weight down he thinks I will leave him or get more attention?? I am not a huge person anyway, I am size 16 at the moment...but hoping to get down to Size 10/12ish...like when he met me!

Just wondered if anyone else experiences this? Or is it just my other half that is an idiot!! ha ha
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Hi! My partner is really supportive but at first he was acting a tad strangely (This is my second stint at VLCD - did LL 3 years ago). We discussed things and it turned out that he felt 'left out' if that makes sense?! He was also concerned as he didn't know the in's and out's of the diet etc. So i made sure i shared things with him and was totally honest and now things are great! Plus i think he was secretly insecure too!


Finally a size 12!
Same!! I think it is insecurities sometimes mine says 'dont leave me when ure a size 10' ha ha ha bless him as if i would he loved me when i was size 18 and i dont want anyone else. Mine sometimes gets upset as he cant cook a special meal for me or take me out for one x


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Hi Vicki
I'm on Day 6SS and DH was away last weekend on a stag do - so unfortunately it was the kids that got in the neck from me:eek:.
Sorted out food shopping this morning for the weekend and he didn't realise "What, you're not eating anything at all ...? " :sigh:

I think he's finally realised I'm serious about this and I'm really hoping he's going to be more supportive than before (like nipping down the co-op for a large bar of Cadbury's to share - yeh cheers for that).

I think, like Loz - we need to sit down and explain it all to them... :confused:

Good luck - maybe he's just not sure how to be as supportive as you need?


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My hubby is very supportive even offering to do all the shopping & cooking & washing up, still need to find a way to get him to do the ironing & cleaning the loo though lol!!
Joking aside, I don't think I could have got this far without his support x


Call me Nicky xx
I have a fantastic hubby who has supported me 100% however he can't cook a meal from scratch so for the first few days he did get take aways arghhhhh.


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my fiance is very supportive, but then again he has to be as he is doing LL (soon to change over to cambridge though) :D

Its kinda nice that we are going through this together.

debs x


French Honey
My DH is great, doesn't say a word about all the money that it is costing and always gets excited when I lose weight etc. But he can't cook either so I still have to do all the cooking, but then he does sympathise with me and tells me that he feels sorry for me etc. He doesn't mind having healthy dinners all the time, because I know that I can't trust myself with anything tempting and never brings any goodies home to eat in front of me.

I suppose the worst part of this diet is the lack of get togethers over dinner, I never realised how much of my life was geared around eating. We used to eat out every week and often went out for dinner with family and friends and that's a bit tough on everyone at the moment but he doesn't say a word, even though I know he must miss it.

I don't think that I could do this diet if he was any other way, so I am very lucky that he's lovely.


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I couldn't have done this without my husband and he's as excited as me when I record a loss at my weekly weigh in!

Thank you Karl! XXX
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hi i too have a supportive husband, i think he realises that as i loose the weight my confidence is slowly growing and thats going to be better for us as a family. He's great!:D



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My OH is also very supportive, although he does come home with loads of goodies sometime. I might get a bit tempted but I would never tell him not to buy it just because I can't have it.

He does cook (very rarely) but to be honest I love cooking for him and my daughter and I bake almost every weekend aswell and it doesnt really bother me.

He is also always asking me how I am doing and gets pleased when I've told him about a loss. He knows how important this is to me.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well just got back from first weigh in - his first question was 'how much have you put on!!??' - God he can be a &$%£ sometimes....

Anyway - Hopefully he might see that I am serious about this now if that was his problem, as he came in to the kitchen and said well it must work, I might give it a go!!!

The not eating with them is quite horrible - my 4 year old keeps saying 'why are you not eating' 'just have this bit'...but I cook their tea and whilst they eat I tidy the kitchen mess - which never got done before!! My house is spotless!! Dishwasher not been used in a week!! ha ha


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Mine is now but was very wary same reasons as your vicki, people said it could be him being insecure, but he can see how happy and confident i am now and loves it.


Fab & Fit For Florida
my OH is fantastic, definately couldn't have done it without him...

so much so, he is doing this diet himself too... i think that totally takes the pressue off if we are both doing the diet together...
My hubbie has been so supportive, he asks me every day how much have I lost (I weigh everyday, I know, I know but it keeps me motivated, well so far :)) and makes a big deal of how well I am doing, no sign of anything hidden. I had to lie to him that I only do it twice a week so that I would have decent amounts to tell him and not just oh STS or 0.2lbs LOL

He is very encouraging, maybe because I am doing this diet for health reasons so he is completely on board with me losing as much weight as is healthy for me.

I think that change in confidence with yourself etc though could have the effect of the OH's feeling left out. It does them no harm from time to time ;) just make sure they know they are the center of your world and you'll be fine :)
my hubby is really supportive he looks up on here and tells me tips etc! he says i am beautiful no matter what size i am but i need to do it to make myself happy. he has also being going out for t and eating his mcdees in the car before he gets in!! x


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when i first started CD in feb my OH at the time was a right flipping selfish twat, he knew it was gonna be hard for me as i todl him, straight please dont eat round me cos i want this too work for me, so what did he do brought cakes, busicuits, sweets, pastys etc etc and scoffed them all in front of me, knowing full well i was on CD, i got more support of my 12 year old than i did him.... Thank god i aint with him any longer :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D he needed CD himself

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