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Doc would rather put me on orlistat

I would get a second opinion. No point taking drugs if what you want to do is lighter life. It's your body! Good luck!
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I was prescribed orlistat a few years ago. I honestly would not touch it with a bargepole. I used it for about 10 days in had the worst stomach cramps ever, obnoxious wind, and the ongoing paranoia that i was going to have an accident in my pants all the time. Going to the loo was horrendous. Do some research online - for some people it does work but for me it wasn't the solution. Good luck whatever you decide xx


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Hello i went to my doctors today to get all the stuff filled out for lighter life etc and she didnt do it and gave me orlistat instead?! i dont know what to do now, if i should give these pills a chance or go to another doctor??
Thats disgraceful, how dare the doctor put you on a drug you didnt want, and what is so bad about LL that they would rather you took drugs. I would go back and see another doctor.

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Yup... Had Xenical myself years ago, which I understand is similar... echo the above sentiments about the side-effects... Would not go near it again... As said, it works for some, but if what you're after is LL, then they should let you do that!

As Lynn says, go to see a different doc... that's just not on to give you drugs when you want to do it this route... incredible!!



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One of the girls in my groups gp wouldn't sign the form for her she ended up going to a private dr cost her £30 go back to your gp tell her to read the form she's only signing saying your fit and what medication your on, she is not taking any responsibility for you doing this. Good luck x


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The magical thing about LL, and this is what drugs will never do for you, is the classes or groups, here you confront your issues with food and work through them to understand why you abuse food in the way you do, through the use of CBT and TA. Sharing the experiences with others going through exactly the same thing is also incredibly helpful. No drug will ever give you this, this is what helps you maintain your weight loss. If I were you, unless you really want to use Orlistat, i would seek a second opinion and try and get another doctor to sign your forms. Sorry if I sound like I am on my soap box where LL is concerned but it has changed my life completely - I am a new person!!

Good Luck whatever your choice

thanks for your replies im flumoxed as well as to why she would rather give me this.. i think i will go see a private gp.. how much is it for your doc to fill the form out anyway???
i think she thought she would be saving me money as well.. she is a good doctor i think maybe she has had a few folk that have failed at this diet but i wouldnt!!!
yeah i agree i think the cbt etc would be fantastic for me! argh i dont know what to do i totally thought i would be on this diet by now :( xxx
contact your llc and she/he should be able to put you in touch with a doc that can check you over and sign you off? xx

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My GP charges £40 each month to check my fill out the form and sign it! Does anyone else pay this much?! Seems a lot to me! Apparently CD is cheaper at £26... which they charged me last month by mistake apparently! When I asked why the difference in cost, they said LL was more involved!

Yeah, sure! It is for us doing the diet... but it's the came process for the doc to take our blood pressure, pulse, and then sign... so, why charge different amounts?! Ridiculous!
I did Cambridge & my doc never charged anything 40 a month seems a bit much jeez! I'm now in two minds to go back on
The cambridge & do some CBt or eft myself


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I pay £5 at my local chemist! My gp wanted to charge £20 I told him to stuff it!
£40 is a lot! On top of what you already pay for LL! I'd definitely shop around!

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thats right some chemists do the check ups for free, think lloyds was one. i work in boots and we dont offer that service but i know others do, id def shop around pinkie xx

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Yeah?! Cheers everyone! Had no idea I was being charged so much over the odds... It is a ridiculous cost, added on top of the LL prices... Will look into Lloyds, and also do a bit of ringing around for sure!

Thanks for the advice... Brilliant! :D xx
My doctor refused to sign my form, i got so upset because i thought this would be my last chance. My mum called the LLC and she referred us to a doctor in her area that charged £30. x

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It is my surgery policy not to sign the LL forms.
My LLC gave me the number of a private gp who was charging 25.
Local chemists can do your blood pressure, for a fiver, or so. Apparently superdrug is expensive.
Our surgery decided to tell us it was their policy too after waiting for an hour in the waiting room.. They had it on the board at their desk. You'd think they would know.. x
My gp charged me £30 so the next month on advice from my group I went to the local pharmacy: £5!

I think it's appalling that doctors charge so much for this when we're doing something so positive, that will actually save the nhs money in the long run!
Yeah, ridiculous.
You'd think they would all be encouraging people who decide to try and help themselves get slimmer, fitter and healthier.
Maybe they don't want us to or they'll all be out of a job!;)
My Surgery didn't charge, but were very dismissive and didn't know much about LL. Now they recommend to people instead of surgery...........!!!!:D

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