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Doctor was an A'hole!

Well 4th weigh in today and another 3lbs down!

But I went to see head doctor today as the doctor that prescribed me LT was a locum and has now gone to another practice.

I knew from the start that the other doctors didn't want me to go on LT, well boy was I right! He was v.rude to me he asked first if i had been on LT before to which I replied "NO" then abruptly asked me how I knew about it then.

I said my friend had been on LT before so that's how I knew, he then proceeded to tell me that 10 years ago a certain doctor said all doctors surgery's should try LT to which they did But apparently and I say that loosely "Nobody keep the weigh off, not one person in this whole surgery that tried it, Miss Rogers I can even show you a graph" to which I replied "WELL I AM NOT EVERYBODY ELSE SO DONT TREAT ME LIKE THEM , I AM AN INDIVIDUAL" I was rather angry at this point and I think he gathered this because he then said he didnt want to fall out with me.

Anyway he said I can keep getting it and that I could now go to the nurse everyweek thank god.


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Well done on your loss this week!!

At least you won't have to deal with him again, well regarding LT! I absolutely hate all the doctors at my doctors surgery; they're quite happy to say, "well, if you lost weight..." in response to pretty much everything but not at all willing to actually assist me when I come to them with LT. They refused to prescribe me LT when I asked.

But you can go back & show him just how slim & healthy you are when you've finished!

Good on you for sticking to your guns and standing up for yourself. I know there are a lot of people who try to put you off LT as they see it as unhealthy, but so is being overweight.
I would have thought your doctor would have supported you though!

You have done very well so far , prove the doctor wrong , keep it off! lol

Best of luck
Linz x
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doctors are all the same mine when i went to see him for help and advice he just said go on a diet and don't be lazy cheeky bugger so just don't go there if i can and that's great news on another loss well done


Success leads to success
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Great loss Jo!! Ignore the gp, some can be very 'old school' in their approach to weight loss methods- believing healthy diet and exercise will shift weight. Fact is- yes that method works, however losses can be so slow to the extent that the person in question becomes de-motivated and prone to give it up or stress/issues get in the way! Healthy eating and exercise can and will come into play after Lt- a time when we are motivated to keep the weight off. Plus if hes referring to results from 10 odd years ago its not a good bout of statistics to go by- the advance of technology since then i.e. internet, has improved drastically and we now have places such as this fantastic forum to keep us motivated after LT.

You are indeed an individual and he shouldnt be comparing you to a statistic.

You prove him wrong hun!!! xx
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jeez what a pig!! well done for standing up to him!! I only been to the doc once since i started for an ear infection, and when i told my doc i was on LT, she smiled and wished me luck, so i was really pleased with that. I went to the doc about a year ago asking to be referred to a dietician and never heard back about that, so i assumed they weren't ready to help me! well done on your loss by the way, it all counts!!


Positivity is the key
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well done on your weight loss this week, you are doing fine.
Sorry you had to endure the doctor's negativity, they are not all in agreement with Lt, unfortunately but at least you can see the practice nurse instead, hopefully she will be more accommodating. Wishing you all the best.


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I actually work in a GP Surgery and they are ALL (doctors) very anti-LT!! Like above said there motto is 'diet and exercise', if if was that simple, we would all be doing it!! They are all waiting with baited breathe for when I start eating to put the weight back - I cannot wait to prove them all wrong! Even some of the reception staff who have seen my transformation are interested in doing LT, ha ha I will be popular. I don't think they like me telling the patients who ask how I have done it, but tough, I am proud the way I have done it, and I have no intention of hiding it!
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oh my goodness! what a w***er!!!

You poor thing- as if you needed his condescending nastiness!!

You're doing BRILLIANTLY and that's all that matters.

Ignore him babe- he's clearly a total moron!

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what a d..k i get mine from the chemist but what makes me laugh is that i work in a hospital and they do it there and if it was that bad i'm sure the hospital wouldn't supply it to people ......well done on your weight loss and i'm glad your feeling better .x.x.x
a great loss this week hun well done xx
and as for your pxxxkof a doctor... good 4 you for standing up to him though.. i`m afraid what my dr would say if he knew i was on this so im trying to stay away from him lol

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Well done you both for the loss and for handling the doc so well. I was talking to a practice nurse today and told her about LT. She said that it is a great way of kick starting you when you have a lot of weight to lose. She said the docs don't like it when people use it who are only a stone or two overweight. Some docs are just anti LT end of. LT rocks!!!
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Well dealt with! You go on and prove him wrong babes!
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Its obvious the guy doesn't like LT but you could try to take something constructive away from his comments. I mean, in a way the doc has a point - people don't become fat overnight and while Lipotrim helps to deliver fast results it doesn't in and of itself promise to keep the weight off. And I can believe that once people get the results they want they can slowly slip back to their previous eating and exercise patterns.

The view of a lot of doctors is that people do tend to put the weight back on (they lose the weight but not the lifestyle that led to them putting it on, or too much comfort eating, lack of exercise, who knows whatever other reasons exist).

Anyway, with the support of this forum and the knowledge of what has happened to LT'ers in the past we can plan to avoid the same things happening to us :) Like others have said, let's get ready to ruin his chart!


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Surely you would put weight back on if you go back to eating the way you did before losing it irrespective of how you lost the weight. I did Atkins a couple of years ago and lost 4 stones, but put most of it back on. I think it was because I was still eating alot, and when I came off the diet I hadn't retrained myself to eat sensibly. I am hoping the eating break we get on LT will help me to re-evaluate my food addictions.. here's hoping.
omg well you can tell him that you know someone who has lost another stone since doing LT AND I AM MAINTIAINING WELL thankyou the cheek of it. you keep going it does depend on your mindframe you do have to say to yourself LT is a springboard and look at what your triggers were. There will be odd days that you dont have control, but follow the 80/20 rule and you will be ok. good luck.
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Oh my god i cant believe dat. im so scared of goin to my doctor now haha! he sounds like a right donkey thou. i really think its funny coz doctors and dietians created this diet. and it started in hospitals so obviously its safe or it wouldnt be allowed in chemists especially in Ireland and England coz the medical foundations are much more strict than America etc.

You were dead right to stand up to him. congrats on your weight loss and good luck for the next week.


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Fab loss K!!! I have received a lot of negativity as people just expect the weight to pile on again so they dont see it as a healthy way of losing weight....it is up to all us to prove the critics wrong that we can learn to eat healthily after we get to goal - eh!

Just think when you get to weight, been maintaining for a long time and then going back to him again....that alone will be testament that it does and can work !!

You are doing brilliantly and dont need negative comments...just bin them !! Just keep positive.

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