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Doctors appointment on tuesday - eeep!!!

My doctors surgory just rung (they are open 8am - 8pm) to say the doc who rx me the Xenical wants to see me next week to weigh me as she hasnt weighed me since she gave me the script on Sep 7th, I got another months from her 2 weeks after that cos she was going to be on leave when i was due to run out. I am now anxious as worried she will say I haven't lost enough n she can't continue to rx it. Already trying to work out what I have to wear clothes wise which is light so i weigh less. HELP!
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Don't panic, how much have you lost since they gave you it? On the paperwork I had they say 5% of your starting weight in 12 weeks.... Looks to be like you have lost nearly 9% if your stats are right.... You will be fine honey x
yeah my stats are acurate, GP uses KG to weigh which always confusses me, if she dares say I havent lost much I may just point out on tuesday it will be 1 day shy of 7 weeks since she gave me teh Xen, I have a underactive thyoid which is proven to make people loose weight slower , plus I am on steriods! Since she weighed me on sep 7th I have lost 11lbs by my scales which in kg is 5kg. Fingers, legs, toes and eyes crossed she is nice to me, ughs x
A loss is a loss hun, Im sure anything more than 5lb in 7 weeks is great, the DR's are after all the ones who say a slow and steady weight loss is the best way to do it ;)
our GP is fresh out of med school, she is younger than me!! and a stick insect when I last saw her she looked horrific!! neon yellow tights a mustard coloured skirt n blouse to match, and her hair was in pigtails tied with yellow ribbons, looked rather "interesting" to say the least, plus she must be no more than a size 8!!


Not such a fat kat now :)
We have a doctor who is about 5 ft 8 and a size zero I think. She looks anorexic! Snappable stick thin. I took my daughter a few weeks ago who is a skinny size 8 with not an ounce of fat on her body also 5 ft 7 and she looked overweight next to this doctor. It was painful

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Oh dear, thankfully my GP is German and she looks not thin, not fat but healthy. She is probably about a size 14 but she cycles everywhere so must be quite fit! :)

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