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Ok, so had my first day of ss yesterday & thismorning had a really dodgy stomach! :confused: Last time i was on it i didn't really suffer from anything like that but went to the toilet this morning and......well.......lets just say it wasn't pleasant. :eek:
Has anyone else suffered with this and will it ease off once my body gets used to the shakes and truck loads of water everyday?
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Sorry can't help you on this as it's not something that I have suffered with but I'm sure that someone else will be along soon who can clear it up for you... - not literally I hope you know !!!!

I had this problem yesterday and I am on week 2. I think it is normal-it must be our body's way of trying to revolt. It is saying "I want food". I wouldn't worry about it but if it does persist talk to your CDC or go to the doctor as you may get dehydrated
i had this the fi5rst time i did CD but i havent had it this time


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I am suffering with it this, this time too and I'm on CD, SS and completed my first week.

I think it's a combination of, our body getting rid of the fat, the amount of water we are drinking is affecting our metabolism and also just the drastic change in our diets.

I'm not a nurse or anything but I am going by what I have read on here. There are alot of CDC's on this website as well as doctors and nurses, I'm sure someone will be able to help.

Stick with it!

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