Does alcohol impact your weight loss?


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Hi all,

I've been trying to cut back on wine over the last few weeks in a bid to boost my weight loss. So instead of using 80% of my syns on a glass of wine most evenings (more at w'end) I have limited it to some at the weekend and no more until Thurs (WI). So at least 3 alcohol free days - but this has not made a difference to my loss at all.

I was wondering if anyone else had this? I have seen some people cut back on booze and the weight just drops off :confused:
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Ermmm...not exactly drops off but if you don't decrease your alcohol intake you'd need to compromise on smthg else.
I didn't realise how much calories it used to add to my daily diet!!
You have to weight up what's more important - if you cut your food intake daily you'd have to compromise between food and alcohol.
Would you preffer one small meal or 2 glasses of wine?
Choice is yours but yes, it does make it more difficult to lose weight x


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Our consultant refered to it as liquid cake lol. I have found better weightlosses since I cut out the red wine. I have no choice though as its my tablets I am on for my arthritis I am not supposed to drink with them. I do still have the odd glass but nothing like we used to


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Well actually ive found the weekends that i dont have a drink or a 'naughty day' as i like to call it, i actually lose less weight than when i have my one bit of rebellion!! For instance last 2 weeks both food intake the same and syns watching first week i drink the pubs whole supply of vodka :) and lost 6lbs, this week i saved the syns to do the same but instead drank just diet coke all night!!

This use to happen to me last time i was on SW so i use to excuse my weekend endulgence!

Probably a huge coincidence but it does make you wonder!!


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I tend to get away with drinking spirits (as in they don't affect my weight loss except, maybe, ironically in a good way) but not sadly with wine or any other alcoholic drink.

Bring on the G and Slimline T I say!


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I tend to think that I get a better weight loss as long as I stick to the daily syns. The scientists still say that a glass a wine a day does more good than harm. cheers !!!!!!


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As long as you syn it, it will be fine. You have to have a 'normal' life to make this sustainable long-term.

I think if you were a heavy drinker and stopped, you would lose a lot of bloat, but this would even out over time.

I remember hearing a quote years ago about someone thinking of quitting everything 'bad' to be healthier, and someone else said "You don't live any just feels longer!"



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I use most my syns on alcohol and it has not hampered my weight loss at all.
My Consultant said a syn is a syn and you can use them however you feel.
I do like wine, but it is very high in syns and I am not happy with just one glass so I very seldom drink it. I treat wine as a treat and have a flexi syn day when I do.
However, I have always been a brandy & coke drinker. Years ago I drank it with "fat coke" but I gave up "fat" coke when I started SW in 2002 and hate it now!
So, now I have a tot (using a 25ml tot measure as I can be heavy handed!) in a pint glass and top it up with diet coke.
Only 2.5 syns and one drink lasts ages and if I have no other syns I can have 6 of these a day! Most days I just have 2 or 3 but sometimes 7 or 8!
I think if you enjoy having a tipple, and if you count the syns there is absolutely no harm in it as you feel less restricted than feeling you have to cut it out.
For me, I prefer to use my syns on alcohol than crisps or chocolate!
It's all up to what you enjoy really.


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st7lb(3.14%)
I love that quote!

Malaika - You're right, a syn is a syn. I'm not cutting the number of syns, just changing what I use them for. I don't want to start cutting down the number I am using until I have to anyway.

Thanks for all the replies :D