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Does any one else get dizzy?

I haven't until today then really did today but it passed. Just take it easy I reckon... If you can.. And get an early one x
Wow 3 kids! They must keep you busy! Hopefully you can get some sort of early night! If you're struggling, maybe split a pack and have an 'extra' meal, might keep you going! I always find a hot drink helps too! X
Im on day 6 and def getting dizzy spells! I am drinking lots of water, but i guess its our bodys way of reacting to losing the crap its used to having and blood sugars being affected. Mines getting better! I have 5 kids including 1 yr old twins, so it can b quite annoying cos of carrying them around safely!

But i am so happy with this diet! My hunger has gone completely! And ive lost 1st in 6 days!!!

Hope ur getting on ok :)


Nearly there...
Guys, be careful with the water. Too much upsets the salts etc in ur body and in extreme cases can be fatal. If ur feeling dizzy or sick after excessive water consumption, u need dioralyte or similar - to restore the bodys balance. Water is good but take it easy xx


Nearly there...
Good :D
Helps to know what to do if it does happen I think... Id rather knock myself out of ketosis with the dioralyte than tempt fate...
Sauce xx
Yes, I second the importance of moderate water intake. Too much will upset the electrolyte balance and can be very harmful (water intoxication)

I try to drink some of my water as carbonated water with added minerals and sodium since that should help prevent it.

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I previously started getting worse and worse dizzy headrushes, and my blood pressure kept dropping (it was always healthy, even when I was at my biggest) and eventually I actually had low blood pressure.
I've been adding salt to my food which helps.
I've been on and off cd since November last year and only in the past 2/3 weeks I've been getting really dizzy. I think it's low blood pressure though!!

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