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Does Anybody know me?????

Hi, I'm squatting on this site as I can't get on "the other one". It looks like a great site though. Loving it already!!

Does anybody know me from the "other site"?

I suppose I'd better fill everybody else in. I started CD-ing on the 4th of June. I've lost 26lbs so far and I'm really proud of myself.

What a wonderful program CD is. I can't believe that it took me so long to actually start doing it!!!

I've had a look at the inspiration slide show and what can I say?? WOW!!! You all look FANTASTIC!!!

One day I will join you all on there!!!

Now............... I've just got to get myself set up!!! Where's that ticker gone.............???

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Hi Geena I go on the pink site when I can get on , I recognise your name.
This is a fabby site , you will love it.
Thanks Peeps!! That's better. I was starting to feel a bit out of place (lol) as if!!!

Everybody's so nice on these sites.

I've figured out my signature. Feeling well good!!!
Trio!! How you doing girl??

Hi ToeJam, Hedgemag & Susan70!!! Great to see you here!

How are you all getting on this week? I'm not sure whether I have lost a great deal but I'm starting to see results in different ways.

My 'Live in Pain' (other half) took photies when I started and a month after and I can see the difference already!!

My siser reckoned that she couldn't really see any difference so I forwarded her the photies and she has taken her comment back!! Even she can see it now!! WOW!!!
Norwaygirl.....................dare I say it......?????

Oh what the hell.............. Cambridgedieters.com...... there.......... it's done now!

If I go missing then everybody knows the reason..... lol!
Welcome - and congratulations at doing so well.

Hihihi... tanks geenagee ;) Is it free to register there? And is it open for people for Norway like me? hehehe..
What's everybody doing at home?

I'm off at the moment 'cause I was tailended in my car on Friday. Long story but nobody seriously injured.

I'm a bit whiplashed.
Oh, that's too bad GenaGee! I hope you are feeling better soon! I am a student and have summer vacation now :D
Thanks Poppy!! You're not doing so bad yourself!! Well done!!

In fact well done to all of you as I have just taken a quick look back and you are all doing FANTASTICALLY WELL!!!

You all deserve medals!!
You're lucky that you're on summer vacation Norwaygirl. Is the weather good over there? It's miserable here.

The "other site" is free to register. I should imagine it's the same for people from different countries. You can test it out when they come back up.
Hi Geena

I am from the CD forum, I recognise your name.
I have been a lurker here too for a while :rolleyes:

Well done and keep going

Amanda x
Hi Barmcake (gosh I love these usernames!!)

I remember seeing your name too!

Blimey .... you've done well yourself!! You have the weight that Ive lost so far to lose!!

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