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Does anybody use Fromage Frais instead of Mayo with Tuna??


Now to maintain.....
ooooo i'd be interested in the answer to that too!


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I don't! But I know people who use both mixed together, apparently you get the taste of the mayo but less syns, I'm not sure what the mix is ie 1/4 mayo to 3/4 FF or what? Think it's trial and error?!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ive tried it and to be honest it wasnt nice :(
It was a bit milky?????? I now prefer to syn the extra light mayo or salad cream x


Now to maintain.....
I use quark with tuna instead of mayo & it tastes ok to me;)
thanks! will try this......im not a huge mayo fan but like to have something mixed with my tuna if you know what i meanlol!! so will be good to try it and hopefully like it and not have to use syns!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Or try extra light salad cream hun x
I use fromage frais all the time instead of mayo now. I season it with salt, pepper and parsley and a splash of white wine vinegar or lemon juice, it is nice when mixed with tuna or chicken.

I'll agree it's not a creamy but i think it still tastes nice.

Try it, you might like it!
Ok well I gave it a go & TBH it was fine really.

I mixed some salt & pepper into it & then some chilli flake seasoning thing I have in. Ok so it wasn't all creamy & doesn't have the mayo taste but in a roll it was fine. It was missing something though :confused:

I asked hubby & he said he never even noticed, men :rolleyes:

I think I will add a splash of vinegar next time after reading that though - good tip!!


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I agree about the vinegar and pepper. Or, I sometimes have it with pickled red cabbage and a spoonful of the pickling vinegar - yum!
I used to use my heb of laughing cow light in tuna and maybe chop up some spring onion and green pepper too. Gorgeous creamy cheese tuna. great on a spud or butty. Hope you try this its gorgeous. x
Do you know I almost tried that!! I thought about it but then thought it would be really gloopy & yucky - but I will definatly try this in future now :)

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