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Does anyone else do this?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Dietingdon, 3 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. Dietingdon

    Dietingdon Silver Member

    Does anyone have a takeaway or a naughty dinner or treat after their WI?
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  3. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    I don't but my weigh in is at 11 am. But my WW leader said that she always had fish and chips on hers

    Irene xx
  4. Dietingdon

    Dietingdon Silver Member

    I used to when I did WW a few years ago. I'm tempted to, but really wouldnt want it to affect my losses.
  5. kitty~anne

    kitty~anne hmmmmmmmmmm

    its not really a blow out but i tend to eat quite a bit of bread once i've been weighed!!!

    this might not seem much but i am a breadaholic!!!! and if i have white bread esp toasted i can't stop myself!!!!!
  6. Hol-x

    Hol-x Full Member

    I have done previously and it didn't effect my loses, we called it the 'twilight zone' lol.
    It's only one meal at the end of the day!
  7. bettylollypop

    bettylollypop soon to be skinny minnie

    I used to but don't now, it just sends me off on a downward spiral for the rest of the week.
  8. Dietingdon

    Dietingdon Silver Member

    I actually don't really eat anything all day (not that I'm trying to justify doing it) My OH has bought a beef and veg pie, but with suet topping and I so want it for tea after WI, lol
  9. bettylollypop

    bettylollypop soon to be skinny minnie

    there are lots of people who do this after weigh in and knowing that they are going to have their treat on wi night keeps them on track the rest of the week and they still have good losses. Enjoy your beef and veg pie lol x
  10. LittleMissCupcake

    LittleMissCupcake Minimins is the best!

    yeah i think a naughty treat is a good idea on WI night, I havent started that yet as ive got so much i want to loose!! But after a while i def will, probably would be a bar of choccie!!! I go SW with my friend and her hubby and they treat themselves to a chinese or chippy every thursday!! xxx
  11. dehli

    dehli Silver Member

    I don't do it on WI night but I do generally go out for dinner and wine the following night, which is a Friday. Sometimes I have a treat on WI evening though, such as a creme egg (9 syns).
  12. Hol-x

    Hol-x Full Member

    That sounds like me lol.
    Gotta love fish and chips or a nice Chinese.
    Yummm...I love Thursday nights!! Haha.
  13. LittleMissCupcake

    LittleMissCupcake Minimins is the best!

    yeah i'll save my treat for a friday night - normally a good night out with the girls - like last friday!!!! some of my syns went out of the window!!! whoopps! Had a good time though :)
  14. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    i do my wi is weds at 10 am, so i always have a treat lunch on weds, like fish and chips or kfc,but in my defence i do usually point it
  15. Fea

    Fea Full Member

    I don't but maybe I should start lol
  16. suepat10

    suepat10 I am one of the 63336

    I don't do it.

    I don't think that over a week, one meal will make any difference to weight loss. My problem is that having had a 'treat' meal after WI, I struggle to eat properly the next day. And then the next one.

    But that's just me. Shows how bad my self control is :)
  17. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    Yep, always! And it doesn't affect my losses at all
  18. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    yes absolutely - i live for post weigh-in treats :D ...and no it doesn't affect my loss.
  19. niknaks

    niknaks Silver Member

    I love WI nights as they r my treat nights. The first WI i had saus chips n curry- but it was too greasy for my tummy so opted for a subway the next week. Crisps are my fav so last week i didnt get a subway but enjoyed a bag of sensations instead- i find that once i got it out of the way that one night i am totally on track for the rest of the week. Well its worked so far!:cool:
  20. geewhizz

    geewhizz Full Member

    i get weighed in 10am thursday and treat myself to the things i've been craving for rest of week, that way it doesn't feel like i'm missing out (can be as much as lunch out, chocolate and takeaway in evening!!!!!). I don't syn this but stick to about 10 syns a day for rest of week. It's not affected my losses to date but as i get closer i'm sure my weight loss will slow right down and then i'll have to think about cutting down a bit!
  21. LittleBottle

    LittleBottle Where's Skinny Minnie?

    I don't dare do this, a great loss for me is 2 pounds so I think this would really affect my losses. I'd be thinking I'm spending the rest of my week making up for this binge and worrying about how much I could have lost if I'd just stuck to it.
    Think it's a case of each to their own though, if it doesn't affect your loss and keeps you on track for the other 6 days then it's better than struggling for a full week x

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