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Does anyone else weigh more than their Partner?

I just need to off load as my bf doesnt know (nor does anyone else) but I now weigh more than him! :cry:I hate it, I hate it because he is not a skinny man, he is 6 foot and stocky! I am 5 foot 3 and round like a butterball! The thing is I eat similar portions to him (sometimes I out-do him) and he doesn't see it as a big deal, but when we met I was less than him, now I am more, over a stone in fact. All he does to lose a bit of weight is cut down the massive portions of bread he eats and job done, me, I can't get away with that and its not fair!!!!

My aim now is to get below his weight.

Is anybody else out there in the same predicament?
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Hi there don't fret about it he clearly still loves u very much!I know it's how u feel that counts mind but u in the right place n wanting to do something about it. I'm 16 stone n my bf is 19 but I'm sure if I keep going the way I am I'll out do him!
Make it your target to weigh less than him just by 1lb n when your there you can aim for the stars!xx
When I started SW I weighed 13st and my husband is around 13st 7lbs so I was close. Last year I weighed almost 14stones so I know how you feel. Stick at it and we will get to target.
I know just how you feel I am so much wider than my hubby and a good 5 inches shorter lol . . .I am sure we will all get there, we have just got to stick at it . . . .good luck with everything x x


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I was over a stone heavier than my fiance when i started SW, and now i am 3 stone lighter than him! :) He never knew but i know EXACTLY how you feel.

He is 6 foot 4 as well, so wasnt my height at all.

I remember we went to egypt and went on a camel train, and the camels need to have the lighter person on one side so they dont fall over (and then they add a sandbag or something to the light person side). I thought i was going to have to say something to the man, but he put me on the light side (which was the wrong way round) and i think the camel was unbalanced :( poor animal.

I felt disgusted about that - but still didnt do anything for another 18 months or so!!! Silly eh? i think i gained another stone after that (but so did my fiance!) xx


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yeah, I weight 7st more than my partner...but it used to be 8st more and will soon be a lot less!!!! It's another target to set yourself, but not something that makes you worse than anybody else. chin up!


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I've always been heavier than my partner and prob always will be. I'm a good few inches taller than him though. When I started I was 3 st heavier than him now it's just under 1st. You can do it!
Cor I used to weigh loadddddds more than hubby and one of my "far off" goals was to weigh less than him -
9st9.5lbs have now gone -I weigh 13st 8.5 and hubby is 14st 10lbs :bliss: although I need to keep it going as I have "put hubby on the plan" too and is losing *I will NOT let him catch me* :rotflmao:
I used to weigh about 7 stone heavier than my hubby. He used to pee me off as he was a 28 waist and just ate crap.

However it is catching him up he is now a 30 waist and I weigh 10lb less than him.

I used to think what must people think when they see us


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I weighed more than my husband still do but he's now my ex husband so it doesn't matter as much lol. I do know how you all feel though but jut remember it's not forever and your doing something about it so well done. Not long and you'll weigh less than hubby and feel great for it.


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I am over two stone heavier than my husband, who is a tall skinny runner type. My ultimate ideal goal weight is about what he weighs, but I'm still reserving the right to increase my target depending on how I feel as I go.
Thanks for all your kind and honest words of encouragement a lot of you that responded managed to conquer the "weighing less than your man" issue, right now I am at the start line and you have given me a push. I always wanted to wear his t-shirts or work shirts as a kind of sexy look, at the minutes I look more like a sausage bursting out of its skin in them! Ellebear mentioned about the camel issue on holiday, I have this fear everytime I go on a plane that the seatbelt won't fit around my vast middle... it always has, but depending on the airline, it can be a squeeze for sure and I won't ask for a seatbelt extension! I also just broke a plastic chair on holiday - so humiliating .... time for a change. Thanks ladies. x

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