Does anyone else....


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oh yep - been there!!!

still am frequently - just gotta keep drinking as it does help and brushing teeth and mouthwash - don't know if i stink or not - no-one has actually said but i use breath freshener sprays if visiting customers, otherwise my colleagues can put up with it!!!

just remember it means you're burning you're fat so the diet is working!!!!


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LOL-yeah i've had that im always brushing my teeth now !


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oh yes !!

not as bad as it was 'in the beginning' - frequent teeth (& tongue :eek: ) brushing seem to have helped...and loadsa water ;)

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Oh yes, been there done that :eek:

Tongue brushing is the way forward. I kept thinking every morning as I was stood in front of the mirrow with my tongue out that Gillian McKeith would have had a fit if she'd seen the state of my tongue and we don't mention the other end she always harps on about :eek:


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Oh Yes! I bought a tongue scraper and it's great. No more mouse breath for me!