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does anyone like the soups?

Hi I really like the soups, but not the bars! Think I may be in the minority with the soups tho! X

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Hi I changed from Lipotrim to Exante I only liked the choc shake with LT but I love the mushroom n veg soup and all the shakes the bars are ok much better than LT but now have the asda bars what i did is buy the mixed bumper pack tried everything and what I didnt like I put on e bay problem solved I even done a swap as well good luck
I prefer the bars, but the soups are edible and not too bad, u can always add spices to them if u want. U could always buy a bumper pack of bars and shakes and buy the odd soup to see if u like them. I find the soups handy as I split them into 2 cup of soups to have throughout the day. Some people don't like the bars, it's all down to personnel taste.
Def personal taste. I dont like the tomato soup much, but I find the others ok. Fave is thai chicken. (I dont like the foam I get when I blend them though - yak!) The bars are fine. I look forward to them as the only solid food I have all day! The shakes are ok - not as keen on chocolate or strawberry but dont mind them too much. Vanilla nice as is banana.
I'm mid change from lt to exante, awaiting my order. I didn't get the mixed bumper pack because I didn't like the idea of having to have a bar every day, have ordered soups and shakes, and shakes and bars- 2 months supply that I'll be able to chop and choose-

If I don't like it, tough!!!!



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I like all Exante products.......... least fav are the orange bars, the choc shakes and the tomato soup... they're all edible though which is more than can be said for lipotrim bars (in my opinion of course :))


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Dont be put off by someones opinion

Just cos one person thinks its 'minging' doesnt mean you will. Theres not 2 of us on here totally agree with flavours etc
I wasnt so sure about the soups like you but they have been a god send as I dont always like sweet things all the time, I am so with starlight on this, the only way you will know is to try them! getting the mixed bumper pack is the best way to do this. also your taste does change as you go along so alwaysworth trying things again.xx
I couldn't live without the bars, love the choc orange one. All the soups are OK, not too keen on the 'bits' in them but overall they are fine. Tomato one my least fav (but I still eat it by adding a touch of paprika). I think the shakes are best with ice cold water. I've recommended to friends and family as having tried some of the LL and Cambridge packs before - Exante wins by miles in my opinion, both in taste and £. I've never stuck to a diet as well as I have stuck to Exante over the last 6 weeks and the results are all the motivation I need.


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Really not keen on the tomato, but really don't like any tomato soup. The other are I find quite nice and creamy. The shakes I mix - vanilla with coffee is lovely, hot chocolate is good, Strawberry and banana blended with ice are OK in this weather too.


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I like all of them, least favourite is the tomato soup but its ok, I put a fair bit of pepper in it. I prefer the Exante shakes as I find they are not as sweet as others and I don't like sweet things but if you do have a sweet tooth then you can always add a sweetner. I love the bars, my fave is the toffee and raisin.
Everyones tastes are different as you'll see from the posts, best thing is to get the variety pack and give them all a go.. much cheaper that way as well...:)
I like the soups but I haven't tried he tomato one yet. Thai chicken is my fav, followed by veg.

I was actually really surprised as I like the shakes and I didn't think I would. I had a banana one today for the first time, tasted like angel delight.

I like the choc orange bars but not the toffee but ones, took me about 4 hours to eat the one I had today, it is just far too dry and "protieny". I am getting rid and buying a box of choc orange


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I like the soups, in fact I prefer them to the shakes.

My fav is the thai chicken I sometimes add a sweetener to it and tastes even more like a coconut curry mmmmm

I don't like the bits either, but now I use a tea strainer to pour through into my cup, problem sorted :)

Not keen on the bars, but they are miles better than the LT ones.

I only liked the chocolate LT shake, well when I say liked I mean tolerated! It's so nice to enjoy meals again and still lose weight

I got a bumper pack so I could try all the flavours and all except bars are drinkable


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Love the shakes, soups are fine. Not keen on the taste of the bars. But best of all I love the fact that the magic packets work! I see them as fuel, packets which are designed to keep me healthy and not hungry whilst the magic does its work.
So flavour pretty irrelevant - main thing is this diet works.
Agree with emilyj that your tastes change as you go along - a lot of the packs I didn't like much the first time round, because they didn't taste how I expected them to, but now after having them all 2-3 times they're all fine... even the tomato soup!


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Well I tried the veg soup today for lunch, was ok - miles better than LT's soup. Then the thai chicken for dinner and it was yum - really nice! Think I'm sold - I got the one week mixed pack from the exante website but reckon I'll be back for more
I dont mind the soups, apart from the tomato and basil which I've decided I'm not going to attempt again as it makes me feel a bit queasy. Fave is thai chicken, then mushroom. veg is ok.
I like the bars, and I like the shakes, although the strawberry isnt the best. A lot of people arent keen on the chocolate - I find it very sickly sweet, but drinkable. really like vanilla and banana.

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