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Does anyone not eat the night before weigh in?

As I question really. I always get really worried that I am
Going to have put on weight and convince myself that I dare jot let anything pass my lips. Does anyone
Else have the same fear. I certainly wouldn't have breakfast?

I know I should start as I mean to go on and this week being my first week back I have had some tea but now I'm worrying.

Please tell me someone is the same?

Love Karen x
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I usually have small bits of food on the day I weigh in, like breakfast of a melon since I don't WI until 5:30pm. As for eating the night before, I always do. My biggest loss was when I'd had a huge meal for dinner the night before, so I'll always keep with that.


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i had a huge jacket potato with beans and cheese last night, along with copious amount of water cos i did an hours exercise, i went to weigh in this morning and lost 1lb.....however i didn't have time for brekkie this morning but normally i would have something to put me on. its important to eat to keep our metabolism at its best, our bodys expect food at regular intervals, if we do that then we will burn it off more efficiently :)

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Nope! I always eat every meal, even on weigh in days. Can't see the point to why you would want to not eat until you have weighed in!
You wont be doing yourself any favours by starving yourself the day before-weigh in love.
My class starts at 7.00 pm, there is no way that I could go a whole day without eating anything, I wouldn't be able to concentrate at work either.
Sue x


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I agree with all the other people who have already replied. Start as you mean to go on and eat normally every day otherwise you have to carry on starving yourself every week for the rest of your life.

And actually you do yourself no favours because going from periods of starvation to periods of eating or overeating screws up your metabolism and you end up burning fewer calories - and hence losing less weight.


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I eat normally... full breakfast, lunch and snacks except I just don't eat my after school snack until after weigh in.


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I just don't have tea until after weigh in - like most people who go to early evening classes. I eat normally for the rest of the day too.



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My weigh in 5.30pm so I have breakfast as normal and a light lunch (salad or fruit and yog) and loads of water until after I have been.
I have naughty treat after weigh in so by having a light lunch I hopefully minimise the damage lol x


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I eat normally in the day but won't eat in the evening until after group. I am usually hungry in group, but find this is the case whether I eat or not being as we all talk about food for an hour!!
I eat normally but as I WI on friday mornings I usually have 2 or 3 scan bran with laughing cow light and a full pint of water for my supper on thursday night to "encourage me to go" the next morning. :D
Like others here, I've taken the approach that I will start as I mean to carry on. My weigh in is at 7pm. Beforehand I ate normally in terms of dinner last night. On weigh in day (today) I had my breakfast and lunch but did choose to postpone my evening dinner until after weigh in. Starving yourself really won't make much difference to the scales, and you'll probably be so relieved afterwards there is a big risk of dashing home and going way over your syns. Nothing wrong with being careful not to eat in the hours running up to weigh in, but skipping meals is not good.
Its very tempting to just nibble on weigh in days but it wont make sense because you want a realistic result! I just make sure im quite regular the days before and that ive done a wee before weigh in!

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I agree make sure you eat but I eat something light ie salad you won't gain a pound by eating on wi in day but I always thing if I eat loads and become bloated that might affect the scales so usually cereal ad a salad as I wi at 530 xx
Just eat as you normally would.
Really can not see the point in starving yourself in hope of a 'better loss' - you are only cheating yourself!!
Well I'm glad that I did eat my dinner last night and that I still lost a great 6.5lbs! Really chuffed. Thanks for the comments x
I also think that it would probably do more detriment to your metabolism to go on fast and then be starving by the time your meetings over which would then lead to reach for the easy and usually non healthy alternative. Little and often seems the best plan and maybe try and do some walking during the day of weigh in to try and minimise any feelings of guilt. Good luck with your weight loss.

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