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Does anyone struggle???

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I have only been doing the EE plan since Monday but am finding it really hard. My mind really wants me to succeed but feel like I am really struggling with motivation. I did lose 5 and half stone with Weightwatchers a few years ago but my mind was really focused then and have never seemed to be able to keep it up since.
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Hi, sorry you are struggling. I know what you mean, if your head isn't in the right place then it's really hard. You have proved that you can do this as you lost so much with ww.
It might sound silly but i have written a list in the back of my diary with 5 reasons why i want to lose weight. When i feel unmotivated i have a read to try and get back on track! Also i look through cook books and old magazines and write down a couple of new recipes to try every week.
What was in your mind when you lost the weight before? You can do it again! Good luck x


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hi ya , is there a particular time of the day you are struggling?


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Stop for a mo and concentrate on what IS working for you right now. How you can you encorporate more of those things into your day. What times of day are good for you? What have you managed to do well. If you focus more on what is right you will get more of that come into your life. It's a bit like the old saying "Don't think of a pink elephant" and what does your brain immediately do - yes pictures a pink elephant. hope that makes sense. It's getting late and I am tired !! Good luck with your motivation and dreams of the future lighter you xx
Also, don't think about what you lost in the past cos it can be a bit of a stick to beat yourself with. That was then and this is now. Just take your day step at a time and try to think positive thoughts - enjoy being able to eat so well and get imaginative with recipes and some of the ace ideas you'll find on here. Planning your meals really helps too cos then you've got it to look forward to and it helps with the temptation if you know you're not going to end up with an old banana and a Mullerlight cos you've run out of steam at the end of the day! xxx
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I agree with the idea of writing a list as to why you want to lose weight.

I sat down last week and wrote a list, I put it on my computer so it is entirely private. I literally listed everything reason in the world for losing weight, from big important reasons like improving my health right down to really silly and tiny reasons like not having to buy tights in size XXL!

There were so many reasons, every time I look at it I realise that sacrificing a fatty diet is going to give me so much in return. Its a really good tool and I recommend it. Then whenever you feel like going off the rails you can say 'is this biscuit/cheese/cake etc.. worth more to me than all those reasons I identified for losing weight?'


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What are you finding hard about it? I don't often do EE as I don't like the restriction of 1/3 superfree. I prefer green days, but find that if I get over hungry I'm more likely to overeat or eat naughty things. Maybe you should try some red and green days and see if you get on better with them. Just knowing I could have a mugshot or something as a snack is a comfort, even though I only actually have them for a lunch, if that makes sense.. lol

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