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Does everyone get on with their consultant?

I joined sliming world in September and when it came to the new year I explained to my consultant that I couldn't commit to classes (had to start working till 8pm) and that I would come back when things calmed down at work. She kept texting and sending letters saying if I come this week she will cancel last weeks fee ect so I just ignored her as I had texts to show her that I told her I wasn't going to go to group.

I'm back to my normal shift pattern and gone back to group but I don't feel like I get any support during the meeting I said I was struggling , the consultant said she would call me in the week but never did. She used to do this alot say that she wouldn't contact and never did, I don't feel like she actually cares about my weight loss and just about my money. I enjoy the plan and want to carry on but thinking about doing it online.

Does anyone else feel like that they just want money and get no support?
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I have had the same experience at various groups altho' not SW. I joined WW and was completely ignored on the first meeting even tho' the consultant made specific mentions and included everyone else there. When I then had exactly the same treatment on the second meeting I wrote and complained to WW and sent emails to various sites without having any reply whatsoever!
Evebtually somebody did phone me and referred me to another group and said she was an extremely friendly person and she could guarantee I would have a better time there...Not a bit of it!! In fact I was just as ignored as at any other time.
I am not one for making a scene when in public but I did feel.. like yourself.. that all they are interested in is collecting the money!
After numerous more attempts to contact the "powers that be" to claim my money back all I continually got was more referrals to other groups.
The fact is that all they are interested in is getting the money!! FULL STOP!!


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Perhaps try and find another consultant. Mine is really friendly and I find her supportive :)


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My consultant is brilliant, will contact me in week if i have struggled and well done text to boost me in week

Great friendly group and facebook support too

Maybe try a different group


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I find my consultant friendly and she seems caring. She has a private group on Facebook and seems to reply to all questions within hours. The people not using the online group can text and/ or call her with questions and seem happy about that. She's always available until half 8 at night, then again the next day. In group she takes time to ask everyone how they are and if they need anything. If you feel like your consultant is just collecting money you should try to find a different group or contact Slimming World to discuss your consultants shortcomings. I'm sure they want to keep their reputation high as well. In the end it is a business and if you feel you don't get what you pay for you have the right to complain.


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My consultant was really lovely but had to give up group for personal reasons a few weeks ago, there was a stand-in consultant for a week and then a new person took over. I find her very forceful and can see that others in the group are embarrassed by her attitude, I'm not sure how long my group will last because I think she has already put a lot of people off and she's only been there for 2 weeks.


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I adore my consultant! She is wonderful. She is the most supportive person I've ever met, she gives everyone her mobile number and if we text/call she will ALWAYS answer within a short time. She has a private facebook group that she checks every day to answer questions and give support. She genuinely seems to care about our losses, not the money, which is really nice. She puts so much effort in every single week, and she never tries to convince us to buy books/hi-fi bars etc, she mentions they are there once and that is it, not at all pushy. She gives everyone equal attention. If she doesn't know something you ask she will look it up and have an answer ready by the following week (or she'll pop it on facebook if you're on the group!).
She is generally the best Weight Loss consultant I've ever had.
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My consultant is fab. I've just rejoined and she seemed happy to see me again.
She sends a text mid week checking up on me and seeing how I'm getting on. Also in the past she has text if she knows I've had a hard week etc giving me support.

I found this article online about my consultant too, she's such an inspiration & it's nice for a change to have a consultant who has been successful as the last one I had didn't seem to ever stick to plan and wasn't anywhere near target so I do find it much more motivating having a consultant that has done well and succeeded :)

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I find the consultant nice enough but just a bit fake, the past two weeks I've put on and stayed the same and need a bit of support. She said on Wednesday she would call me in the week and text me lots but nothing so far and it's Monday
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Oh dear Hun, have you had a chat with her? Might be worth looking at another class abd try it one week just to see what it's like xx