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Does it get easier

Hi all,

I have joined Lipotrim in the hope that I will lose 3 stones.

I am now on day 3 and feel nausea, dizzy, weak, have a headache and my tummy is rumbling away. Im hoping it goes away so that I don't feel so horrid.

Is a 3 stone loss achievable by the start of December or am I expecting too much??

How much have people lost on this and what time scale????
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dont dwell on the negatives thats my advice. just think of the positives and what your gonna get out of this, that will make it easier for you

h x


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and yes easily achievable in 12 weeks :) and ive lost 3 1/2 stones in 81/2 weeks if that helps

h x
Yes as hariet said, Youve got to no What you want from this, ive had good days and bad days but i think after your 1st weigh in youll find it gets easier. Its a challenge but the support on here is good. Xx

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It DEFINITELY gets easier the longer you stay on it, being positive makes it so much easier and i think you have to really want this in order to have the determination to stay on it.
Hiya :)

I'm Roxie. On day 6 tomorrow.
I have my up and down days but have stuck to it 100%..
If your suffering headaches - drink more water
Dizziness - take it more steady you may be doing to much for the calorie intake change.
These are only symptoms for short term and should subside after a week or two. So don't let that put you off..
You will over come this :)
3 stone by December - yes.
Your first week u tend to lose around 1 and a half stone poss even two. Then guaranteed one stone a month. So yes yes yes even if you lose only 1 stone a month that's still your 3 stone goal by December :) xx

Thank you ladies for the wonderful comments.
I am now on day 9. Am suffering from terrible cramps in my tummy but im not going to give up.
Did anyone have diarrhoea as I have that and where do you normally start to lose the weight first?
I really want to lose it on my face
Aww sorry to hear about the tummy cramps, perhaps u could try some peppermint tea as its good for the tummy. As for the changes to my body im losing it faster on my tummy and neck. Xx

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your body is just readjusting itself. it will be ok after a while and then you will probably have the opposite problem and be constipated all the time lol

h x
peppermint is great for upset tummies btw..good advice tamzy x

HAHAHAHHA well at least its all in the right direction.
Its very hard to stick to but I am not going to give up

fantastic thats the spirit!

h x
This forum has really helped me as I have seen some amazing pics of before and after and makes me think that I want to do that too.
I just hope I lose weight from my face and the double chin that I have and from the rest of my body
Your welcome and thank u xx

Just another thought, if youve been drinking green tea, even the mild ones cause diahorrea xx

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