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does living with o/h make it harder?

i know living with mine does! he doesnt really get the concept of it... he was away for a lot of the time when i did lighterlife before so didnt really see what it was like, this time however hes been a bit of a nightmare! always trying to make me come off the plan, thankfully i havent yet and we have had a 'discussion' about his lack of support!!
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Hiya Emz mine was like that before and the first couple of days of the diet, but he's ok now. He does worry about my health, but haven't heard a peep out of him re the diet for the last few days so fingers crossed he's got the message lol xx Maxi xx
Mine puts up and shuts up! He gets fed LLL meals at dinner time but the rest of the day he does what he wants. He has lost over a stone since I've been on LLL just through us not having take away and taking salads to work for lunch.

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
mine is constantly complaining about my breath.... hehe. but i do say bad breath or fat ass?? hehe xx
Lol... that reply doesn't work on my boyfriend... coz he really likes my fat ass!! In fact, every time he sees me, he waves at my bottom with a sad look on his face... and says "bye bye...:("


Lol... He also says how great I'm looking on the diet though, so clearly is embracing it... if, for no other reason, than just coz he can see how much happier I'm becoming as I lose... :)



One last chance
I don't Live with my bf, but he is worried about me going on this diet. He tells me that I don't need to worry about my body, just like u pinkie lol my bf loves my big ol' ass too lmao. He prefers me fatter, but I told him how upset I am with my image. So he said if it makes me happy, he'll support me all the way. But he does get upset that I can't rlly eat at our favourite restaurant, Nandos!


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My ex felt really threatened by my weight loss. It made him really jealous and insecure. He once said that if I go below 14st he'd stop talking to me. He said he was joking but I know he wasn't.
Well guess what. He never got a chance to stop talking to me. I did that first! lol

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magiclove what a cheek!! cant believe anyone would have the gall to say that? id understand if it was going below something ridiculous and unhealthy! your def much better and healthier without him. ps i think you look fab! xx


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Aaawww thanks Hun! He was just insecure. He always said he loved my curves but didn't consider that I felt horrible and fat!

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Probably worried that other men would fancy the pants off you.
Look at you now. You look lovely Mags. xxx

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