Does someone keep feeding me when I'm asleep?

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by KD, 17 September 2006 Social URL.

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  1. KD

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    When I was a girl, if I was hungry when I went to bed, my Mum would say that going to sleep was as good as eating.

    Okay...probably just a way to shut me up, but it did work

    I still find that if I go to bed hungry, I wake up feeling fine. Why would that be? Logic tells me I should feel even hungrier.

    I guess it's something to do with the chemical ghrelin that was mentioned on another thread. Or maybe serotonin?

    Goes to show that it doesn't matter what state our heads are in. Some of it at least is down to the chemicals in our brains regulating our hunger.

    Do you find the same thing happens when you go to bed hungry?
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  3. Russiandoll

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    Yep - definitely. The two hormones that are connected with appetite are grehlin (appetite stimulant) and leptin (appetite suppressant).

    Those who's sleep is restricted show an elevated level of grehlin and a reduction in the level of the appetite suppressant leptin. So someone who is suffering from a lack of sleep will have the problem of the body screaming that it's hungry. This is a particular problem for obese people who may suffer from sleep apnoea (something I used to suffer from) and who are often tired after a disturbed nights sleep.

    I know I always felt 'hungier' when I was tired - I also couldn't be bothered to cook healthy food when I was shattered and it was at that point I was in most danger of eating any calorie packed junk that was at hand.

    Since being on CD, I've learned that if I go to bed with a rumbly tummy, I fall asleep and when I wake up, the hunger has gone. Probably something to do with our evolutionary past ... whatever it is, I don't worry about going to bed a bit hungry anymore - I know my leptin will sort it!! :)
  4. Gill-cdthing

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    i know if im tired im not hungry,
  5. Mini

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    Hi Guys,

    I now sleep so much better since I have lost some of my big weight and the sleep I get now is refreshing...where as before I was tired all the time.

    Come afternoon I was hard put to stay awake and I read that this was a common side effect of the I sorted of believed that and accepted it as part of the aging process....

    Well not anymore!!!

    I have so much energy and now I never feel tired in the afternoon...I am like an every ready battery rearing to go all day long...

    But, if I go near too many carbs I feel sluggish again and now I hate that feeling...

    Love Mini xxx
  6. i'lldoit

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    Hi Mini
    I feel like that at the moment Im so so tired I just cant be bothered,maybe its a bit of depression as I hate my weight at the moment?
    I remember when I ve lost weight in the past how energised I felt and how proud I get of my success!
    Just hope to be there again very soon?
    Your doing fantastically just think how much energy you'll have for all that dancing at the christmas parties when your in the 9's :D
  7. tryer

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