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does the shakes/soups fill you up?


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im cuttin down on the rubbish im eatting before i start cd. today i had an egg sarnie and some flow fat crisps. [first ones in agees]. that was at 12, and im just about to have tea. But i just walked [omg] down to morrisons and managed to walk round with hunger pains [lol] and not buy any food!
Does the shakes/soups fill you up, or is it just like having a drink? :confused:
i cant wait to start!!!! lol i keep looking around at thin gorgeous women, thinkin ohh that will be me soon lol
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yes, some more than others.The tetra boxes are filling and I quite like making a muffin out of the chocolate drinks. When you start on the bars, they are definately filling-particularly the peanut and chocolate cranberry.


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im not having bars lol wouldnt trust myself
Well I found on the first day I was really filled up, felt like 3 christmas dinners :) and it was making me ill but since then I havent been finding it over filling the water to be honest is taking away the hunger pangs so far. I havent had any food cravings yet as such

Actually 70% of hunger pangs is your body looking for water :) its certainly been working for me so far, heres hoping it continues....


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Im on day 5 and I must admit that the water helps with making you feel more full. I haven't been hungry unless Ive left it too long in between shakes / soups.

Good luck hun!

i mainly have the tetra kim and find they do fill you up. plus the water really really helps. Are you drinking any water at the mo? id say it would be good to start drinking it as well at least 2litres a day!


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im drinking water, havent had anything else lol. its hard to drink so much, but im going to keep trying lol. The tetra's are more money though, so couldnt afford to live on just them, im going to have a few a week lol hmmmm chocolate ones sounds nice lol


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For the water kimmie, the flavourings work for me (not sure how soon u can have them tho). I would never drink the 5lts a day i do if it wasnt for the flavourings. x x x


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The water def fills you up, but when I am feeling hungry I go for the soups over anything else the def make me feel full don't know if it is because it seems more like having "real" food or not.

Can't comment on the bars as I haven't had them yet.


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thank you hunnies! Just worried that id give in to hunger! lol but aslong as i feel kinder full then im pretty sure i can do this, is it really that hard? im so scared lol


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i found days 1 2 and 3 hard but plain sailing after that.


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I find the shakes and soups fill me up a bit more than the bars.. but the bars are a lovely treat with a nice big mug of black coffee :coffee:

like above, if I leave it too long between shakes then yes I get a bit hungry, but not really starving, just the same as if you left it too long between normal meals. just keep filling up on water you'll be fine!! once the first few days are out of the way you'll get used to it
thank you hunnies! Just worried that id give in to hunger! lol but aslong as i feel kinder full then im pretty sure i can do this, is it really that hard? im so scared lol
Kim you wont give in to hungar you know u wont i can see your so determined to do this. I have my 1st shake around lunch time as thats when i get hungry then tea time then late at night (when the nibbles attack!!) Dont be scared its not that hard once you get into it look at your sister doing so well. You just have to get through week one and you will be flying in now time. :):)


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Brilliant you are already drinking water Kimmie - it will help you prior to CD and you'll find CD much easier as you'll be use to drinking water by then.

the first 3days are the worst hunger wise ... but you can split your shakes in half and so have 6smaller "meals" instead of 3. After the 3rd day you should be in ketosis and the benefit of that is it takes away physical hunger.

Well done again on the water - and the walk ... you'll soon be the slim lassie you want to be.


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I give myself mini challenges to make sure I drink enough. I'm not allowed a shake until i've drunk 1 litre of water - that makes sure I drink at least 3 litres a day (plus coffees and bouillions etc).
Bars are less filling but shakes do fill you up.


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Well for the first few days i'll be honest they didn't take away my hunger but get through that and once your in Ketosis you don't feel hungry and it's fab. Good luck :D

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