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Does your hubby /partner know your weight??

Hi there,

I am new on here, although i have been lurking for a few weeks. I have about 8 stone to lose ( started at 20st 2.5lbs) and i have lost 11.5 lbs in 3 weeks so far.

Anyway the reason i am on here is to ask a question: does your partner know your weight? This is a really big deal for me - I Know that am am not a size 12 and i dont look it..but i still did not want to admit my weight to him. anyway a few weeks ago with lots of tears and upset i weighed myself in front of him - and yes he was fine and loves me the same. I just wondered if anyone else has gone through this -or is it just me??:eek::eek::eek:
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My husband knows what clothes size i am and was even at my heaviest, but he has never known my weight and i dont want him to know either.
He wouldnt care at all, but i would, dont know why.
thanks for those...silly i know, but those numbers mean such a big deal to me. He is a slim 12 stone and always known what size clothes i wore but not how much i weighed.
I'm the same. My boyfriend found out my weight a few months ago but we don't mention it and recently I've got out of the habit of cutting labels out of my clothes (I know it's silly) so he knows my clothes size but the other day he offered to pick up a top in my size from his local Next as mine had sold out but I wouldn't let him because he asked what size I wanted in it and I couldn't face saying a size 20 :(

Just hang in there and think that every week that size is going to get smaller, but even if it doesn't, our partners wont love us any less :)


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I've never openly told my hubby my weight, but he knows roughly what i weigh. Lets face it gals its just a number and once they know what you look like naked they kind of know we're not stick thin supermodels anyway! If they didn't love/fancy us for what we look like and for who we are now then they wouldn't be with us!
Strange, OH knows how much I weigh & I've never kept it from him it's not something that really bothers me. I suppose it's because your weight doesn't determine how you look. For example another person can be the same height & weight but be a different dress size and look either bigger or smaller.


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my bf knows my weight and my clothes size which is great in sale places cos he looks for me . lol
when I met my oh 3 1/2 years ago I was just under 10 st - thru illness and then having to have brain surgery my weights crept up (well more like leapt up lately:cry:) and although he obviously knows, I never actually told him the 'numbers'. That was until march when we were told I needed more brain surgery and he was there when they did the flipping pre op checks....honest I was mortified! I was 2 stone heavier than him:eek: his face was a picture :eek: so here I am anyway on the road to recovery from the op and 16lb lighter in 7 weeks with the promise of christmas in mexico if I work really hard with my physio and get walking without crutches again ;)
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Hubby knows mine and I know his as we are both doing SW together and support each other.:D
My hubby knows my weight, clothes, bra and shoe size. he is also the first person I text how much I lose after WI and he knows what my goals are.

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Mr DD knows what I started SW at and is very proud of me for dropping the pounds xxx
i have been with my husband 22 yrs i was a size 14 when i met him the biggest size i have been is 24/26 and he says he loves me what ever size i am but its for myself i want to lose the weight and nobody else
My hubby is really supportive -i couldn't ask for more. I have been promised a charm for my tiffany bracelet for every stone that i lose. A physical reminder how far a have come(hopefully)Lets hope that my bracelet will really jangle soon

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
My hubby is really supportive -i couldn't ask for more. I have been promised a charm for my tiffany bracelet for every stone that i lose. A physical reminder how far a have come(hopefully)Lets hope that my bracelet will really jangle soon
That's a great incentive hun! I get a Pandora charm for each half stone (4 new ones already!) and have been promised a new wardrobe when I get to target - not sure Mr DD thought I'd actually do it this time when he promised it all! xx

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1lb at a time!
i have been promised an i phone at target...been on and off SW for 10 yrs, i will do it this time.
Fantastic attitude - you've done so well already and you've found Minis - you will do it xxx


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hubby is planning on taking me shopping for a whole new wardrobe when i get to target!! However i tend to think he may only be thinking sexy undies!!! lol


My husband knows it, probably better than I do as he is very aware of my weight as it goes up and down, and very vocal about it too. He's a pain in the ass about it to be honest.

I was a size 10-12 when I met him and I don't think he's every really forgiven me for putting on the weight if I'm honest.

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