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Does zigzagging work?

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I have been doing a low fat diet while taking xenical for the last month but I want to contiue dieting without taking xenical. The zig zag plan looks good but I put my details in the calculator and my calorie allowance seems pretty high. My average calorie intake at the moment is about 1000cals a day and sometimes it's less than this. On the 7 day plan from the calculator the lowest calorie intake on the extreme fat loss is 1314cals and the highest 1970cals. On the fat loss plan most of the days are over 2000cals. This is double what I've been eating lately, would I be able to lose weight eating that amount of calories? How are the losses for people on this plan? I like the look of this plan because it seems less extreme than the juddd plan but does it work for everyone? Thanks
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I looked at the Zig Zag diet and felt the same so it i would like to hear any comments on this from any person that has tried it. I only joined this group yesterday and i did not realise there are so many diets out there. I am feeling confused!!

On the upside i have never felt so motivated joining this group because i no longer feel alone!! (chewing my husband's ear off every night about diets is soon to become a thing of the past, i no longer need him now i am here and God love him for pretending to listen for years!!)

Yippee dooo.

S: 12st0lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24 Loss: 1st10lb(14.29%)
It does work... i've done it before and have lost 4lbs in a week, i think the theory behind it is that it keeps your metabolism elevated so the body is constantly guessing as to how many calories you're going to have. And if its recommended my Jillian Michaels i'm game lol x
Arrr I see what you mean..Very clever!!

Thanks for that.



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Mine are also high, its because we obviously need more caloried to maintain our current weight and no website/calculator will recommend you have more then 1000 off this amount. If you do fat loss you should lose 1lb a week and extreme will be 2lb a week. As mentioned zigzagging keeps your metabolism on its toes, it stops you going into starvation mode and also stops the dreaded plateau.
Some people do go lower then the 1000 cals but try not to go under 1200 a day as you're likely to jump into starvation mode.
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It probably depends on your BMR. In spite of having normal thyroid, my resting heart rate is only about 54bpm, which is the sign of a slow metabolic rate. My rate of weight loss compared to my intake also supports this and calculated in reverse from my daily intake and my weight loss, my BMR is about 1250Kcal a day. This means 1000Kcal diet is about the maximum I can do if I want to lose any weight at all! And even that is less than 1lb a week.

So my zigzagging if I was doing it would look more like 750/1250 alternating.
i would say one thing - you know your own body best
the calculator gave me higher calories than i'd usually eat averagely as well or need to loose weight, so i've knocked them all down a bit to where i feel comfortable as i have a slower metabolic rate also! zig zagging is great and works but i wouldn't do it relying on what the calculator told me! if you eat around 1000 i would suggest something like 700, 1200, 850, 1250, 900 etc etc! xx


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What is zigzagging please?

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