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Doing cd with a baby/toddler


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Our baby is 12.5 months old, while eating she's always been keen to share food and will literally push it in our mouths if we just pretend to eat (we did babyled weaning so she's always had exactly the same as us from 6 months). I don't know how to get round this though - she's getting really frustrated when I won't eat what she's trying to feed me! What do others do?
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I've got a 2 & half year old & an 11 month old.... My eldest is always feeding me things! I just take them off him & pretend to eat them, but keep them in my hand & tell him how yummy it is.... hard doing this diet when you have kids.... But keep at it... xx
Tricky one, Sunflowers - some good advice from Zobo:D. As your DD is still quite young you can fool her into thinking you've eaten what she's giving you I guess;). Well done on such a fantastic first week's loss:clap:


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my baby is one this month also, she does the same thing, I just pretend to nibble and if she persists to get angry I just tell her no more, I think she'll learn eventually xx
My girl is 8 months old and although she doesn't feed me yet, I am struggling stopping myself pinching her food! Im so used to finishing off bits & bobs!


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Leanne - Stick it staight in the bin & squirt a load of fairy over it.... lol


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Failing that leanne I have a 4 legged hoover who ensures nothing that leaves the table gets as far as the bin.. ;)


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Hey Sunflowers..
I can understand that must be quite hard.. when they do that I remeber mine used to do me..
My boys are 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 and they always say mummy cant have that shes on a diet..... and just drinks milkshake.. lol

I used to always eat my boys food when they had finished now I just chuck it straight in the bin..

Sorry not much help but the other girls have given great advice x

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