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  1. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    Hi all,

    I'm Loopy a complete newbie to forums, a veteran in diets! A little insight into my diet faux pars:

    2005 - 2006 : Weight watchers (9.5 stone)
    2006 - 2007 : Alternative diet (8.5 stone)
    2008 - 2012 : pick and choose diet lol (10-11 stone)
    2013 : Dr Dukans diet

    From these years I've fluctuated from size 8 to 14. Now with me at my heaviest I am determined to gain back my control and teach myself I can say no to my cravings, I will no longer gorge on copius amounts of fruit.....or cake, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, bread.....'oh how I have sinned!' lol

    I discovered the dukan diet when my partner was searching for a pure protein diet for his race training, and so we took on challenge.

    At the beginning i was very skeptical convinced it was a fad diet which would result in a quick pound drop followed by a weight gain rebound. However, 4 days in am i am amazed ; my perception on food and taste has completely turned around.

    For example, in the 'ol' days i wouldn't have thought twice about having banana after banana, whilst sugar coating any desert at my fingertips. Whereas now, the thought of a starchy banana/mango/chocolate/mashed potatoe or oily crisps makes me shudder. Altho cravings for watermelon and grapes have intensified lol

    And oooh the delight now of drinking semi - skimmed milk its light a suh-weet sweet heaven!

    Never before have I felt like this during a diet, normally im crawling the walls and staring down the mr kipling cherry bakewell boxes! lol

    But ever the sinic, I worry how long this new perspective will last, and I was almost afraid to blog for fear that talking about my 'eureka' moment would be diluted by my own reverse psychology.But after a 5 pound loss already, I feel in control and confident that Dr Dukan will lead me to a lighter life. However, my prayer beads will be rubbed raw as again i'm totally worried that after week 1, I will bottle out and give up.

    Well, at a snap shot glimpse - thats me and my diet. I welcome with open arms any hints, tips or advice people have to offer, I just hope that I can return the favour :)

    ciao for now

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  3. CheeseGirl

    CheeseGirl Gold Member

    Hi Loopy and welcome! As you've already discovered, the dukan diet does work and as far as diets go it's relatively painless. You'll find lots of friendly, helpful people here so keep posting on your diary. I think probably the number dukan diet tip is - BE PREPARED. In other words, don't get caught without something to eat always at hand! Also check the recipe thread, lots of inspiration there as well.
    Good luck! :)
  4. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    Hi CheeseGirl,

    a big thank you for such a warm and welcoming post. Your advice of be prepared and always have some protein nibbles handy is great :) so I will start brainstorming a protein snack list and draw inspiration from the recipe thread :) cant wait im very excited about this new journey :)
  5. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    :welcome2: this diet is fantastic. Sounds like youve already got the Dukan bug lol. As Renata said be prepared and the recipie thread is fantastic good luck xxx
  6. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    Today has definatly tested me,

    my mum has made some gorgeous looking lemon drizzle cakes and pilled the trolley with grapes, mangos and bananas all my favs, but I have resisted and had a yummy 0% fat yogurt and chicken stuffed with quark wrapped in bacon (with all fat cut off). Ooh I have the power! and its a great feeling :) the chicken was definatly the yummiest lunch ive had in a while much better than a ham sandwich. With this enjoyment and self control I cannot wait to see what results I get on Wednesday my 7 day weigh in :) The next best step will be progressing my 'weightloss ticker' :D

    although how long i'll cope with all this mountain fruity and cake temptation, I don't know, so to help me - I've told my mum about the dukan diet -the bananas, mango's and grapes will still be around for my mum, dad and siblings to munch on, i have her approval and full support :) happy times :)

    p.s. ---> sidid I've been reading your blog and its truly an inspiration! Big congrats on all your effort paying off and big thanks to you for sharing your journey :)
  7. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    awwww thanks loopy. Your so motivated makes great reading xxx
  8. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    Thanks sidid - thats confidence boost number two for me today :D Xx
  9. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    i just couldn't wait - i weighed myself today i'm under 11 stone :D i now weigh in at 10 stone 11 pounds :D im soo happy, what a fantastic beginning to a wonderful new journey.

    although this morning i was ready to munch down as much fruit as possible - most definatly not through choice, rather through need. But some medicine has helped 'clear the pipes' which kept any emergency fruit n fibre consumption at bay, lol

    I cant believe how much my appetite has changes, usually in the morning id have two full cheeks of buterry toast, washed down with a big glass of orange juice....but now some fat free yogurt with a hint of vanilla and topped with mint leaf is enough for me :)

    let the good times roll :) and bring on the battle of the bulge
  10. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    Day 7 and im still in the zone

    B - 1/2 cup of yogurt
    L - 1 chicken breast wrapped in 1 bacon slice
    T - Lamb Moussaka which used lamb chops,minced at home, 1 onion, 1/3rd aubergine and 80g tomatoes
    D - glass of milk

    Im going to start off with 5 PV days and then switched to 5 PP.

    The increase in veg felt strange after 7 days in attack, so kinda made me feel concerned about the weightloss, so I went for a 30 minute circuit training session. I cant wait for my first cruise weigh in, in 5 days time. Fingers crossed.
  11. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Silver Member

    well done on your loss Loopy :) great to hear how motivated you are :) x
  12. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    Today having a day at home and subsequently being bored has definatly kicked up my cravings for chocolate and cake. But I've managed to resist , just!! Lol

    B - glass of milk
    L - yogurt and oat bran
    T - steak with onions, asparagus and poached egg
    D - glass of milk

    Don't know why but I'm craving milk like crazy too! Will try and drink more as I think that's why.

    After reading a few threads some people seem to have achieved some great results with the 30 day shred. Would I be allowed to do this is the cruise phase? I was thinking of taking a protein shake to help with my energy levels and muscle repair? Is this an ok way to go?
  13. ellie1969

    ellie1969 Gold Member

    Shakes are a nono on the diet, the shred is doable without them
  14. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    Excellent thats music to my ears :) thank you ellie1969 for the heads up, i'll follow your advice and start on the shred soon :) but wont indulge in any shakes, just good ol fashion meat and milk :)
  15. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    im going back to uni soon and really dont want to stray off the dukan diet, but as my other half has been my 'guardian angel' in the kitchen preventing me from producing charcoled tastless meals, ive decided to start a photo dukan dish diary- this should help me plan my meals and remember what to buy at the super market :)so far ive brain stormed :8 PP dishes and 8 PV. Ooh exciting stuff i feel like Carrie off sex and the city with all this blogging :)
  16. chinababe

    chinababe Silver Member

    looking forward to the photos & recipes!
  17. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    For breakfast most days I have yogurt and oat bran so i have decided not to take a pic of this 'dish'. But the following are pics of the past 2 days lunches and dinner:

    1) bream cooked in dill and lemon
    Buy a bream which has been gutted,in this space fill with lemon and lime slices
    Place fish in tin foil
    Season the top of the fish with lemon juice, fresh dill and chives
    Wrap the fish up
    Cook in oven 180 degrees for 13-15 minutes
    When cooked the bream should flake off the bone, with a moist herby lemon flavour

    2) smoked salmon on dukan bread with a lemon creme fraiche dip
    just as it says in the title; get some smoked salmon, bake some dukan bread and mix low fat creme fraiche with lemon juice and chives to taste

    1) steak with a poached egg with asparagus and onions
    Marinade the steak in a sauce: 2 garlic cloves, 1 chili, 1 inch of ginger, 1/4 bottle of light soya sauce, juice from 1 lime
    Fry the steak on the pan for 5 mins (rare) or 7 (well done)
    Put asparagus in pint mug, half fill with water. Place plastic sandwich bag over mug, secure with elastic band. Cook in microwave on full power for 5 mins
    Poach egg
    Fry onions

    2) sweet pork stir fry with a savory horseradish and cauliflower mash (cooks for 2)
    Pork: fry pork in pan for 2-3 mins,
    add to pan: 3 tbsp of milk, 1 teaspoon of sweetner and season with pepper
    stir for 2 mins
    add to pan: 1 tbsp oat bran, 4 tbsp yogurt, 2 chopped cloves of garlic
    mix all together until ingredients blended

    Cauliflower: take handful of cauliflower, put into bowl, add 1 crushed stock cube to bowl with 3 tbsp of water. Cook in microwave for 5 minutes. Add creme fraiche apprix 2 tbsp and 1 tsp of horse radish and mix

    bon appetite :)

    Fav dish: pork stir fry was extremly filling :) with a nice sticky sweet sauce which was perfectly complimented by the cauliflower horse radish mash :)

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  18. CheeseGirl

    CheeseGirl Gold Member

    When can I schedule you to come to mine and cook????:D
  19. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    loopy WOW amazing I salvating xxx
  20. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    Cheers all :) I charge £100 an hour LOL
    Let the dukan experimentation begin! Lol

    A big thanks to such great encouragement :D it's definatly keep me on track, so much so that I'm even gonna go on a run tomo and crack out some circuit training moves :D
  21. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    I couldnt help myself, I had a cheeky weigh in and ive lost a further 3 pounds :) making an average loss of a pound a day. Im so happy, and for the first time ever I feel in control and healthy :)

    Im giving home made yogurt a go today, fingers crossed it turns out well :)

    B - oat bran and yogurt
    L - coale, sea bass and tilipea fillets with green beans and mushrooms
    D - turkey burger with veg to be decided

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