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Doing it ... innit :p !!!!!!

Wow ... so week 3 weigh in ... another 3lbs down :D :D :D

Grinning like a cheshire cat :D

So 9lbs loss in total and thats still nomming on roast chicken, lamb rogan josh, full english and wedges and chips still can`t quite believe i can eat these things and loose ..... Set my target in group today for 9st 10lbs ... feeling so confident :D

Got my half stone sticker today too .... can ya tell i`m happy ? ? lolololol !!
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Mmmmmmm discoverys so far:

(Aldi) Ashfield Deli - Chicken tikka breast slices chilled ....Stick half a pack in a bowl ... mix in some Rocket/mixed leaf salad, add 1/3 rd of a tub of Belight, low fat (balanced lifestyle) Cottage cheese, add a handful of grapes and nom nom nom nom nom .... :) ... Very quick, very easy and all free on Red/EE :)

Also, a tin of no drain tuna (yum) ... in a bowl, again mixed in with rocket/mixed leaf salad ... add some diced cucumber. You could add a bit of cottage cheese (sounds weird but it works) lol ...... Or you could add a tsp of low calorie salad cream for 1.5 syns :) ... again very yummy ..... !!

Just a couple of dinner reminders for me to look back on :)
Woohoooooo 10.5 lbs lost so far in just 4 weeks ... **shakes that booty** :D :D !!!
I is having sad at boobage departing me ... come back boobage ... why can`t i loose it from my inner thighs instead ? ?
Ok .... sooo uber kick up backside :whoopass:

Right ... weighed myself this morning:

9st 8lbs (nekkid .. not at group obviously) :D

Haven`t been to group for a few weeks, must nip back at some point lol. But i`m still well within my SW target (i`d be about 9st 10lbs with my clothes on).

So ... i have decided that i want to get down to 8 stone something, i think. So maybe loose another 10lbs - 1 stone maybe ? ?

I started again properly today, will tootle off and do a food diary on here i reckon, might help me feel a bit more answerable to myself.

I`m getting a pony ... lol , a pony i`m going to ride, thus being the reason i want some more shifted :D
Gawd this last 2 days my tummy has been really off it ... gurgling and not good .... Still keeping up with it all though ... !!
Ok, Huge kick up the bum .... can`t believe a year has gone past .... well, i got on the scales this morning and was 9st 13lbs ... tut tut at myself as i`ve let a few pounds creep on. I don`t attend group anymore as i`ve moved house, (should find the local one i suppose) ... but i`ve decided i want to loose it and feel comfortable in my clothes again.

Today i had:

2 x weetabix for brekkie with strawbs, blueberries and sliced banana. SS milk (Hex-A)
2 small gammon steaks for lunch with all the fat gristle cut off, salad.
Dinner was a leek and onion omelette with baby iceburg lettuce leaves and cucumber, with mini phili light tub (2.5 syns)

I`ve had a crackling hazelnut options (1.5 sysns).

2 x coffee (milk from Hex-A) ... 1 bottle of water and 1 glass of no sugar Robinsons juice.

4 syns used so far.
Tuesday .... :

2 x weetabix with strawbs, banana, blueberries. - Coffee (milk - SS HexA)

Egg (fry light fried) minus the yolks, 3 rashers lean bacon, 2 nimble wholemeal, small tinned tomatoes.
Muller light cran/rasp (yummy)

Banana ...... Robinsons juice

Bacon sarnie (nimble 5 syns for 2 slices) ..... tesco cheese curls (3.5 syns). Coffee & Single Time Out bar (4 syns).

2 x weetabix with strawbs, banana, blueberries. - Coffee (milk - SS HexA) .... (just love this for brekkie, never get bored of it)

Bacon sarnie (2 lean rashers) & 2 Nimble wholemeal HexB) - Time Out bar (4 syns) - Coffee.

Robinsons Juice - Vanilla and choc sprinkles muller light.

Gammon steaks with carrot/swede mash (much better that taties :) )

and in a bit i`m going to have my 2nd HexB (milk) in the form of a milky crackling hazelnut chocolate options (1.5 syns) ...... YUM


2 x weetabix with strawbs, banana, blueberries. - Coffee (milk - SS HexA)

2 nimble wholemeal - tinned tuna (sarnie) baby gem lettuce leaves with the rest of the tuna on them, grapes, Tesco cheese curls (3.5syns) and a peppermint tea.

Robinsons juice.

Mince beef & onions stew for tea, carrot/swede mash ... yummy

2 x weetabix with strawbs, banana, blueberries. - Coffee (milk - SS HexA)

Mince beef'n'onion left over stew ..... and 1 slice nimble (2.5 syns)
Crackling hazelnut choccy options (1.5 syns) - Time out bar (4 syns) .... (8 syns so far)
Ha ha Div, got my 2 threads mixed up and was putting my food diary in this one .... blonde moment PMSL !!!

Any hoooooooo .... Week 1 weigh in at home, 9st 9lbs, so 4lbs off .... **whoop** !!! Marvelous !!!

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