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Doing it together starting tomoro!

Hi Everyone, I have been reading the forum for some time now and today decided to sign up so you can be part of mine and my wifes CD journey to beauty over the next few weeks!

We have both decided to do the diet togther, at least this way we can offer each other support and keep an eye out if one of us goes for the biscuit tin!

I weigh 16 stone 8 and a 1/4 !!! and am 6ft 1in and my wife is (if I remember rightly) 5ft something and 12 and a half stone (I think)

My wife is having a breast reduction in May so wants to lose 2-3 stone before then and we are both also going on holiday with friends in May (Both slim) and want to lose weight for that also.

I want to lose 2-3 stone in weight. My problem is my LARGE beer belly! even though I don't drink!

We saw the CD counsellor today and picked up a week supply of goodies, or should that be baddies! soups, shakes and a couple of bars, and we start in the morning.

Tonight we had our last meal so had a rather yummy chinese take away, I can't beleive that's the last food I will eat for the next 2 to 3 months!

I am feeling really excited and confident about this diet, I wanted to do it a few months back but family issues meant I was unable, but this time doing it together with my beautiful wife, who I would like to add, I do NOT think needs to lose ANY weight, and I love her no matter how big or small she is.

One very worrying thing is that I never eat soup and never eat milkshake so my body is seriously going to get upset with me from tommorow, maybe it will punish me by shutting down other parts of my body! Perhaps I will have to carry out operational tests tomoro evening on the more important regions :eek: !

A quick question though, we also purchased today some of those mixers you put in water to give it some flavour, my CD counsellor told me it was OK to use them immediately but I read somewhere else not to use for at least 2 weeks, can someone lease advise on this as I don't want to screw it all up before I have even started!

Oh well, that's all for now, if anyone has any tips, tricks or advise I would be seriously grateful and I will report back tomoro evening once we have sampled the delights of the CD !!!!

Speak to you all soon!
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Hello hubby & wife, welcome aboard! How wonderful to be doing this together. I do not know anything about your program so I can not comment. Just wanted to wish you both a successful journey...
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Cor - welcome to the CD both of you!!...fantastic your doing it together, you can cuddle up when you get cold once in Ketosis...lol

Just make sure you drink loads of water and dont move too far from a loo in the first three days cos you'll need it nearby. Drink when you feel hungry just to get your through...and once there dont cheat its just not worth it..

Good luck..look forward hearing how your getting on..
Hello Hubbie and Wife, I am doing it with my hubby and the weight is dropping off him! He is on his third week and lost just over 2 stone, I am on my 4th week and lost 20lbs.

Please warn your wife, as I find it very disheartening that he keeps winning :cry:

Still, we are both losing and both keeping eachother on the CD wagon.

As to you beer belly, I have had to get my husband a new belt as his lost so much of his.

Good luck to you both :)
Thanks for all the comments, it's great to have help and support from everyone on here :)

I got up about an hour ago and the first thing I did was put the kettle on for my morning brew, the next thing I heard was the kettle screaming at me telling me it had boiled.... Correction, the next thing I heard was my wife screaming at me saying, "You can't have a cup of tea!"

"Oh Yeah" I said, so I had a nice glass of ice cold water instead :mad:

I am, however, going to go in to the kitchen in a mo' and see what packet I will stomach for my first ever CD meal!

I will keep you informed on my first day!

Thanks everyone, have a great day :wave_cry:
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You can have tea - but must be black and from leaves not from flowers (like some teas you can buy) and if you can take a sweetner - the tablet kind....Make it very week - ha ha use one tea bag for two cups dip and out!!!...

Or try boiled water in morning....is cleansing for the kidneys...

My treat in the morning is a Rombout Coffee and sweetner - I know need to get out more.
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welcome to minimins hubbie&wife. What an excellent first post from you.

as OFM said, men lose weight very fast on this diet so make sure your wife knows its not a race. I think its lovely that you love her no matter what her size as this weight battle is hard enough to do for yourself, without trying to do it to please someone else.

Re the water flavourings - the official line is not until week 3, but there are folks on here that have had them from day 1.

The only advice I would give you is to keep glugging the water, and space your packs out well so you are not getting hungry. Most people find day 3/4 the hardest as its usually around that time that ketosis sets in. just stay strong and you will be rewarded on the scales.

Oh, and keep popping into minimins. the support and friendship you will find here is brilliant and has kept meout of the fridge on many occasions.

Good luck to you both xxx


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Hi Husband&Wife,


Good luck to both of you with your CD journey:)

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for your posts guys, it's great to hear from you all and I know you will all be great support for us both.

It's now 11:30 am and 10 minutes ago I opened a packet of the tomato soup and followed the instructions, I asked my wife what she thought of it and she said it smelt lovely and just like a cupasoup! I actually thought it smelt repulsive, took 1 sip and threw it down the sink, to be completely honest I was nearly sick! After that I didnt fancy another soup so went for the choc and mint shake, I mixed it up with a little bit of ice and commenced to drink, I managed half of it before that went down the sick with the soup.

This really isn't a good start, I have already drunk 2 litres of water today and am starving, however, I am NOT going stop this and I will find something from the CD range that I like.

Oh well, chin up, only 3 more packets to go today LOL !!!!!!!!!
Best of luck hubbie&wife. ye will do great especially with each other for support. do you have any kiddies in the house? If you dont, dont let the cookie jar be tempting get rid throw it in the bin. TBH I hate all the shakes the only things I have now are the tetra's especially the banana ones (my fav) i also have the chick and mushroom soup, sometimes veg. I dont drink tea/coffe/coke zero/ i chew lots of chewing gum :) on 4litres a water a day.

Once again best of luck it will get easier once you find some things you like :)


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I couldnt face the soups......could only drink the shakes. I had to have my water chilled so always had a 2 litre bottle in the fridge and would top it up every night .....also try adding ice......! You will get to love the drinks but give them time, I used to heave when drinking mine after 2 weeks I was addicted......
Hello again, just checking in to see how you got on and say thanks for rep :).

Tomato soup made me want to be sick too, the cheese and brocolli smells like gorgonzola so wouldn't recommend that either.

Remember you can split the sachets into two - I prefer only half a chocolate one, then you can have another later in the day.

How was your muffin - mine was totally rubbish and I certainly won't be trying that again :eek:

Keep on trying the different flavours - 3 weeks on this and I think it's the easiest diet I have ever done. Even with no wine :cry:
hiya hubby and wife!
Welcome to minis - you will get some great support and encouragement here and keep posting even if you have a blip - you will never be judged. Really lovely peeps here we are!lol
It's great that you're doing this journey together. The packs are very much trial and error. I love the toffee and walnut made up hot and the oriental chilli soup is good too! The choc tetras are yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyylol
Just a query for any CDCs floating around - did I read on another post that you can;t SS for a few months before and after a general anaesthetic? Might be important for these folk to know or I could have completely misread it!
Don't give up hubby - you will find the flavour to suit you and the weight will be dropping off very quickly!
Thanks everyone for your posts, intersting point about the general anasphetic (Jesus how do you spell that word) as my wife will be going under for her op week commencing 19th May, so any info on this would be good.

Tried the chocolate tetra pack today, my opinion is that it is very thick and globby, managed to down it though by cutting open the packet,ouring it into a glass and downing it in one!

I am seriously finding it hard to find anything I like to be honest, however, I am going to have a bar tonight as a treat whilst watching Prison Break, please please don't tell me I am not supposed to have one until week 3 because I have a rope sitting next to me and I won't be using it for food!

Someone asked if we had children earlier, yes we have 2 and on top of that my wife is a child minder and looks after 11 !!!! children, so lunch and dinner times are going to be hard !!!!!!!!

I AM going to do this, I will just have to down everything in one and try not to taste it!!!

Thanks again everyone, I will be trying a soup for dinner (or 6) and will report back my findings :)
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Good luck to both of you on your CD journey.Keep perservering with the different shakes/bars/soups.You will find some that you like.


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lol, i love your posts!! Does your wife know your chucking most of the packs down the sink!!! If you really cant bear it, mix in more water and down it or something!! I am not on Cambridge, i am doing lipotrim, which is the same except we dont have as many flavours as you but i am finding the shakes ok, they start tasting better after a while. Dont know if this is true for Cambridge though... Well i was thinking of swapping to cambridge for the varity, but i think i wont bother now!!

Its so nice seeing husband and wife doing it together, i wanted my partner to start with me but he doesnt think he can go without food! So good luck, i am sure you'll do ok! I have to say, you wife must find you unbearable to cook for!!
Hi LizzieB

I think I will do what you say and just add some more water, I don't think there is anything wrong with the CD packs, I think it is just me! I don't eat any vegetables except for pees and I don't eat any fruit at all, my diet consists of mash potatoes, cheese, a bit of pasta (rarely) and chips & Beans, I guess that has got to change after CD!

I usually get up around midday and work till about 4am, I build web sites and dabble in a bit of this and that, and as my wife is a childminder she has picked at the kids food all day so when it comes to eating a meal, she is not hungry.

When I get up I have a cup of Tea and usually do not eat anything until around 4pm when I manage to pick up a sausage roll or a crisp or anything else that has been thrown on the floor by the children! I then cook myself something around 7pm and for the rest of the evening pick at crisps, cakes, Cadburys Creme Eggs (How do you eat yours!) etc

Strangely enough today, I am absoultely starving and it's only 4pm, I have 12 hours to go and only a soup and a bar to eat later. But my will power is strong so I am going to perservere. Went to Tesco today and picked up a blender (only £4 - what a bargain) and on walking to the checkout went past a display of Krispy Kreme donuts - OMG - They looked amazing!

And talk about pee! I have done nothing but piddle all day, I think I am on my 20th glass of water, I think I am going to have some of that water flavouring later because plain water is boring the hell out of me to be honest.

My wife by the way had 2x cups of green tea today, a shake for lunch and is carrying on without a care in the world, I did tell her today she wasn't drinking enough water and kindfully stood over her whilst she downed a glass of water :)

Anyway, back to work, speak to you all later :)
It was me asking about the kids. was saying if you didnt have any you could throw away all the food not to tempt you but I see you cant do that. You both sound like busy people. I didnt really like the choc tetra either but the banana one is gorgeous, have you tried it yet? You should try and sip the water during the day instead of dowing it. Your diet sounds quite like mine no veg well carrotts, brocalli,caulliflower, peas (tin only) that about it mashed potatoe, chips, pasta rice and all the bad stuff.

CD was really hard starting for me but I stuck it to tried everything there WILL be something you will like trust me. I have lost 30lbs in 4weeks I feel fantastic have lost inches aswell and it is showing. Im a new woman.

Best of luck to you and your wife. Keep us updated :)

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