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Attack Dollypops does Dukan

3 day's in, meals have been so far:
Breakfast: 1/2 Galette with no flavourings, slice of ham - nearly gagged... Coffee w/skimmed milk and two hermesetas (are these ok?)
Break: fat free yoghurt
Lunch: 1/2 Galette, slice of ham, cottage cheese
Break: fat free yoghurt, crab stick
Training: military fitness with hot pants
Dinner: chicken with no skin and Dukan mayonnaise (used creme fraiche instead of fromage frais - huge mistake?!)
1.5lts of water consumed throughout the day

Breakfast: 1/2 Galette (with salt, pepper, chinese spices) yumm! Slice of ham, coffee with skimmed milk and 2 hermesetas
Break: fat free yoghurt, crab stick
Lunch: 1/2 Galette (as above) w/cottage cheese, crab stick, slice of ham.
Break 1: fat free fruit yoghurt
Break 2: boiled egg
Dinner: shredded salmon with soy sauce. Bit dry so got home and added Dukan Mayonnaise (same issue as monday as used creme fraiche)
1.5lts of water consumed throughout the day

Breakfast: 1/2 Galette (salt, garlic pepper) double yum yum, slice of ham, coffee with skimmed and 2 hermesetas
Break: fat free fruit yoghurt
Lunch: 1/2 galette (as above) Dukan mayonnaise, 2 slices of ham, two slices of smoked salmon
Break 1: fat free fruit yoghurt
Dinner: Steak with dessert spoon of fromage frais with garlic pepper
1.5lts of water consumed throughout the day

How did I do??
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Valid point re protein... Will get meat + fish out of the freezer so it's handy...
Thank god re crab sticks, they just seem so unnatural to me...
Re Yoghurt - damn... I knew there was a catch :) Thanks though.
Today's food plan:
Breakfast: oat bran porridge?! 1 1/2 tablespoon of oatbran, skimmed milk, stacks of cinnamon and a teaspoon of splenda.
Break: fat free yoghurt, crab stick
Lunch: slices of smoked salmon, Dukan mayonnaise, boiled egg
Break: fat free yoghurt, crab stick
Dinner: Steak with tablespoon of fromage frais and spices
1.5 lts of water throughout the day.
5th day's food plan:
Breakfast: 1/2 oat bran gallette with two slices of ham chopped up
Break: fat free fruit yoghurt (have to finish up old package - I know I shouldnt eat the fruit - but more of a sacriledge to bin food!)
Lunch: 1/2 oab bran gallette w/Dukan mayonaise, fat free fruit yoghurt, boiled egg
Break: boiled egg and major slippage, had some liquorice... Finding hard mid-afternoon...
Dinner: Not sure yet what I've got but it'll probably be fish...

Weight loss as of this morning: 100 grs, so in total lost 1,9 kgs, which I dont think is too bad...

Off for a run tomorrow with my hot pants - it's going to be a hot one!
6th day - 1st day of Cruise (Saturday)
Breakfast: Porridge
Exercise: Training - a very VERY hot run in the morning
Lunch: Scrambled egg with ham and some asparagus
Dinner: roast lamb (I noted later that shouldnt have had lamb) with vegetables (tomato & green beens fried with garlic and vegetable oil)
2lts plus due to heat and run
Had sugar rush after dinner and flaked out on the sofa. Early night!!
unsurprisingly didnt lose any weight - due to lamb maybe?!
7th Day - 2nd day of Cruise (Sunday)
Breakfast: Porridge (whilst watching rugby, fit men on TV encouraged me :D)
Break: yoghurt
Lunch: realised afterwards that I didnt have any lunch... OOps...
Break: two pieces of ham, yoghurt
Dinner: meat balls with fromage frais and herbs. Noticed afterwards that meatballs had breadcrumbs.
Unsurprisingly didnt lose any weight...
8th Day - 3rd day of Cruise (Monday)
Breakfast: Porridge - getting used to it now!!
Break 1: youghurt
Break 2: 4 prawns + crab stick
Lunch: chicken breast with green bean and tomato souce (cooked in vegetable oil, w/onion and garlic), youghurt
Break: 4 prawns + crab stick
Exercise: CV training
Dinner: prawns cooked with garlic on a bed of spinach and spoon of fat-free yoghurt
2ltrs of water throughout the day
9th Day - 4th day of Cruise (Tuesday)
Breakfast - porridge
Break 1: boiled egg
Break 2: youghurt
Lunch: Meat balls, prawns
Break: yoghurt
Dinner: chicken breast with Dukan white sauce - not a good combination.... Or I just didnt do the sauce right, I also added half a gherkin
1.5lts of water drunk during the day
10th Day - 5th day of Cruise (Wednesday)
Breakfast: porridge
Break: yoghurt
Lunch: meat balls, some ham and prawns in tomato & bean sauce (made a huge tub of it over the weekend, but getting bored of it now!)
Break: yoghurt
Training: CV - felt very tired / no energy
Dinner: Meat balls with fromage frais and a gerkin
1.5ltr water throught the day

Feeling a bit bloated and sluggish today, think I overate yesterday or something. Put 300grs on this morning, not too pleased about that but at least it wasn't more...
Work colleague has brought in some croissants and pain au chocolate... Had to move them so I didnt see them, not one has touched my hand, let alone my lips.... ;)
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