Dolly's Surgery Journey

11st 7lbs now, the weight loss is defo slowing down now but that is to be expected.

I decided to just go ahead and book consultations now just to get an idea of surgery plans and costs etc.

First one was last week, have another booked for Thursday and will see if I can get another 1 or 2 booked in this month.

Going to contact a couple of companies tomorrow to see if I can get booked in.

I'm just so excited to get this done, feel like it will make such a huge difference to how I feel, activities I can take part in and clothes that I can wear.

I'm sick to the back teeth of not being happy with how I look and always being paranoid and self conscious about my tummy and hips.
So I have some exciting news.................I've booked my surgery!!!!!!!!!

Decided to go with Alok Misra from La Belle Forme, he specialises in body contouring and he was so thorough at my consultation. Went in to a lot of detail about how he would carry out the procedure to give me the best result possible.

I go in on 3rd December.

Nervous, excited and a bit scared!!! All totally normal feelings though.
11st 3lbs today - 17lbs to go for goal weight.

My sister thinks I am just going to stop being on plan now that surgery is booked but no chance! I need to keep this going, I want to be as close to my goal weight before I go in so 100% focus all the way.

This is spurring me on even more to get these lbs off.

Also watching what I eat and being healthy is going to be a lifetime thing now, there is no way I am going back to the glutton that I used to be, that part of my life is over now - it's time to move forward and be happy in myself again.
11st 2lbs - 16lbs to go.

To get to goal for pre-op I would need to lose 4lbs per week which at this stage is not going to happen so the aim is now to stick to plan 100% between now and surgery date and lose as much as my body is willing to give up.
So the surgery dreams have started, dreamt last night that my surgeon cut off the whole front of my torso and replaced it with an action mans :classic_err_what:
Surgery is all paid for! Measurements have been given for my pressure garments that I need to wear for 6 weeks post op.

Need to start getting organised now cos I am sure I need to self isolate from the 26th or 28th November.

I have a week to get in all the bits and bobs I need for hospital and need to try and finish my Christmas shopping, not sure I'll be up to it after?!

Hoping I can get out the house after 2 weeks but I'm not going to rush myself, I want to recover and heal with no issues.
How exciting and also how scary. Yep, its the right time of the year to be wearing pressure gsrments
Aww hunny, bless you covid changed so many things following you hun xcc
Thats tough Dolly, understandable, but tough.
Yeah I totally get it.

I'm feeling better about it now.

Sorted my time off work for January and just hoping now that it doesn't get delayed again.