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  1. dani*r

    dani*r Full Member

    i feel so bad this morning.
    my first two weeks on cd were ruined by me bieng ill during the second week and needing to eat for my medication, i didnt gain though.
    so i started afresh and thankfully got back on the wagon easily and sailed through until yesterday.
    I was feeling great as usual in the morning, didnt need my first shake until 1pm. It was whilst cooking roast dinner for family that the demons came back.
    i convinced myself that some chicken and veg would be ok , then just two potatoes, then just a bit of gravy. After that i felt so bad and i ended up polishing off a bag of m&m's and a kit kat.
    I am really gutted, the old feelings of bieng a failure are coming back.
    im wondering whether seeing my cdc weekly as oppose to fortnightly would help ? as the thrill of weight loss usually gets me through that first week no probs, also by the end of the first week i have used up my favourite packs so maybe thats why my willpower isnt as strong.
    i have let myself down so much. :cry:
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  3. Anisah

    Anisah A pound at a time

    Cambridge Diet
    Aww, It happens like that sometimes. Draw a line under it and keep going as if it never happened. You are doing good things for yourself by doing this diet so don't give up. I think you should try to see your CDC more often, keep the excitement going. You can do this.
  4. leeds123

    leeds123 Silver Member

    no - don't berate yourself. you deserve better and all you have to do is restart today. drink loads of water and go for a walk. its not the edn of the world and you are not the only one who cheated yesterday so don't worry.

    keep going!
  5. Percy greenfingers

    Percy greenfingers Silver Member

    it was just one dinner, start again today. You've already lost a whopping 16lb, you can lose the rest you really can.
  6. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member


    i was exactly the same yesterday
    had my chicken and veg in a dish, even had the soup packet in a cup, to mix to go over them, and i for some reason added roasties gravey, and then last night had sweets.

    but like others have said, draw a line under it and carry on, i'm not looking at it as starting again.

    I find the word starting again a hard word, so it's carry on for me.

    good luck
  7. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

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    was cambridge now exante
    its just a blip, forget it and move on.

    if you feel you need to see your cdc then tell her thats what you would like to do.
    i see mine weekly, always have, dont think i could do fortnightly either emotionally or financially
  8. dani*r

    dani*r Full Member

    thanks guys.
    i feel better already , going to paint the kitchen (probably the dog, cats and myself too) that should burn off yesterdays naughtiness.
  9. dani*r

    dani*r Full Member

    well the fridge hoovering unfortunatley continued yesterday. I have gained 2lbs. Not too fussed by that as i know it will come off, just more dissapointed that i have caved under pressure.
    i have spoken to my cdc, she is going to see me weekly. I think this will help as the first week always passes so quickly and easily.
    im due to start new job in a few weeks so really want to get another stone or so off and break into 14's by then.
    i really wish there was a minimins bootcamp where we could all live away from presures and temptations of everyday life until we reach our goal.
    today is a new day, WI on thurs. if i can get this 2lb back off by then at least ill have a 7lb loss to show for my two weeks.
  10. abz

    abz Gold Member

    go for it hon. remember how you felt after cheating and think about that hard if you ever want to do it again. the few minutes it takes to eat something haunts you for days with guilt. remember that and you'll be just fine :)

    glad you've sorted things with your cdc. good luck :D

    abz xx
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  11. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    Slim and Save
    I agree with the minimins bootcamp! especially when ive been doing restarts!
  12. dani*r

    dani*r Full Member

    it would have to be somewhere hot and relaxing though, as heat generally reduces appetite, and of course taking in so few calories means us poor girls will need somewhere to rest.
    im thinking carribean !
  13. abz

    abz Gold Member

    ooh, count me in on that!!

    abz xx
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