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Anyone have a dongle? If so what network and is it any good?

I have a 3 one which for the last 1-2months has been driving me mad! It either doesnt connect properly or connects then in the middle of something disconnects and takes about 10 attempts to reconnect. Ive had it for over a yr and a half and its only recently been playing up like this.

My contract ends this summer-any recommendations with what to change to?

Oh and I dont have a landline which is why I had to go with 3 at the time. dunno if anyone else does it without a landline now?
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Wishing and hoping!
I never had a dongle, I am with talk talk and there have been no problems but virgin look like they have a good deal if your interested in a line, the net and tv :)
Whatever you do, don't change to a T-Mobile dongle! I switched from 3 to T Mobile and have regretted it ever since. It is unbelievably slow and the network tends to go down regularly in my area. And when you ring customer services they are the most unhelpful bunch of people I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Thank heavens my contract expires next month!
its a usb device that gives you mobile broadband. u just stick it in and hey presto interweb-well when it decides 2 work that is!
I'm Vodaphone payg but got one of the older ones that give you 6 months in which to use your credit, they are 30 day now. Had no probs with reception though at all.
I have a vodafone contract 3GB £15 a month, I don't use it anymore but my brother does and pays me.
Coverage is excellent and connection is good... however he recently went a tiny bit over his 3g and had to pay £30! The guy from Vodafone was amazed when I phoned,because he had just gone over the allowance! but apparently by going over he effectively 'bought' another 3GB!!!!

So whatever you do ask questions and find out the in and outs.
Roz & I use Vodaphone payasugo dongles and have been very pleased, but we only use them for surfing, e-mails (and MiniMimins), NOT for downloads - it would be too expensive. Coverage generally is good, but in some locations it drops out, and sometimes we cannot get a 3G connection, only the slower GPRS. However we paid £40 (which included £15 worth of capacity) each for them last summer, and have only had to top up one (all done on line) with £15. And there is no contract. When our Tiscali home broadband went down for a weekend, we just plugged in the dongles and carried on! Have a look at the Vodaphone website.
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