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Dont give up!

If any of you are feeling the need to eat or don't think you can carry on please carry on! I've lost 6.6lb since Wednesday and 14lb since dec 27th in total even with a week of eating badly so it really does work!
So excited and happy I didn't give in yesterday, thanks Joanne for your support.
*happy eeeeek!*
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Thx hon, really chuffed. I'm not the most positive of people but really boosts your motivation when you have a good loss.
Hugs, just read your post bout your Nan x x x
Too late. Started on 11/1/11, lost 8lbs in first week, then ate naughty food on the following saturday but somehow managed to lose 2lbs my 2nd week but then tonight, a saturday again, I was out shopping with hubby andwe went into sainsburys cafe. Ok I said, I will have a plain omelette with salad. What did I order? a cheese and ham omelette with salad and chips.

Dont even think it tasted that nice. I missed my evening shake out tonight to try and counter act it abit. Will have to wait until tuesday to see what effect it has has.

What annoys me is that today I weighed myself and I only need to lose 1.5lbs before tuesday to get my 1st stone. Why did I sabotage myself?

Wish I had seen your post earlier.
I've been on Exante since Wednesday and I had a night round a friend's house tonight. Was really worried I was going to fall off the Exante wagon but I played Sing Star all night and sipped my Coke Zero! Luckily my friends were really understanding and were very supportive. Next weekend I've got a night out with the girls from work, I'm dreading it. They know I'm doing Exante but they keep saying "but you are having the night off when you come out, aren't you?" Because I'm the new girl, I started 4 weeks ago, I feel I have to go out. We're going to La Tasca and as I'm vegetarian I don't know what low carb options there are for me so I've just accepted that my weight loss isn't going to be great and I'll have to do the whole getting-into-ketosis thing again. Aaargh!!!
Best option is obviously not eating , but failing that, be prepared. Have a look at the la tasca menu online, I'm veggie too, and they do lots of tapas that would keep you in ketosis, as well as some good salads. I would order 2/3 tapas and stick with them, or if you're all sharing no one will notice how much/ little you are having. good luck with your choices.
Thanks Nicki! What dishes do you think would be ok? I know they do a green salad with avocado and a mushroom dish but would they keep me in ketosis? Obviously no paella or potato things but any other suggestions? I'll be driving there so the not-drinking is easy, it's just the eating. I'm starting to get really worried :(
The salad would be fine, and they do a mozzarella and tomato salad, which will be ok if you don't eat too much of the tomato. The mushrooms should be ok also. If your definitely eating, go for the lesser of the evils and then just make a decision to enjoy. As long as you don't overload on bread, pasta etc, by going straight back on plan you probably wont notice whether you come out of ketosis or not, and you'll still be on a low number of calories . Hope you have a good time . X

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